Monday, March 24, 2008

Leave of absence

Hi everybody,

Well you probably have been wondering where I am. Dog training, pet sitting, and dog walking have been sucking up enormous amounts of my time, not to mention my regular full-time job!

As a result, I need to take a leave of absence from my Carson volunteer work. It breaks my heart to do it, and I miss the place, but that's the way things are for now. Should business dry up, with no hope of salvaging it, I'll be happy to return to Carson.

If you want me to contact you if and when I should return to Carson, shoot me an email and I will make sure to stay in touch. Just visit my Dogmation website for contact info.

I hang around the South Redondo Beach Petco store and there is a chance I might teach puppy classes down there. So feel free to look me up there too.

All the best,

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy holidays to all

We, the dogs here at the Carson shelter, want to THANK YOU for supporting our shelter with donations of blankets and towels and toys and everything else you give us!

We thought you'd like to see a photo of Christy, one of our vet techs. She and Leslie and many other staff members work real hard taking care of us!

And we'd like to remind you that Ginger really needs a home. She's a sweet girl who wags her whole body when she greets you. And Tricia (AKA Lulu) doesn't have a home yet either.

This will be our final post for the year, because Susan will be needed elsewhere until after New Year's. If you can come down here to the shelter over Christmas vacation to visit us, that would be fantastic! Until next year, we are signing off!

Hagar - A3761809

Hi! Susan the dog lady likes to call me Hagar. I am a 5 year old German Shepherd mix. I came in as a stray on December 12. Right now I live in C313.

I am a REALLY good boy. I sat down for Susan when she entered my cage to greet me.

Please come on down to the Carson shelter and look at all the wonderful dogs down here. Saturday is a great day to come because there are more volunteers here. It costs only $37 to adopt a dog from here. Won't you consider giving a deserving dog here the Christmas gift of a loving home?

Daniela - A3753295

Hi! My name is Daniela, and I am a 3 year old female Siberian Husky / Lab mix, according to my kennel card. Susan the dog lady thinks I might have some Shepherd in me. I was owner surrendered on November 17. Susan thinks I am just beautiful. I live in building 2, toward the front, on the right side as you walk in from the front gate.

Susan was here at the shelter for 9 hours today, and she spent 6 of them cleaning and sanitizing the laundry room. Unfortunately she didn't have much time to take very many dogs out, so she took pictures of me through the wiring.

That didn't stop me from loving the treats she gave me though! You can see me licking my lips here!

You can adopt a dog here for just $37. The shelter hours are normally 12 noon - 7 PM Monday - Thursday, 10 AM - 5 PM on Friday and Saturday, and closed Sundays and holidays. On Christmas Eve day (next Monday), the shelter will be open 9 AM - 4 PM. Hope to see you!

Shania - A3756089

Hi! Susan named me Shania, after the country singer! I am a 2 year old female Pit Bull mix. I came in as a stray on November 26, and I live in C237. I am a very friendly girl.

Susan just gave me some treats in this first photo - I am still licking my lips!

Susan has noticed about pit bulls that we are often quite good at doing a nice sit and giving rapt attention. See how good I am in these pictures?

I would like nothing better than a loving home for Christmas. Please come down to the shelter and adopt me or one of the many other great dogs down here!

Teddy - A3761780

Hi, I'm Teddy! I am a 2 year old male Coonhound mix. Susan thinks I might be mixed with a touch of Rottweiler, judging from my appearance. Otherwise, I have that classic "Gomer Pyle" Coonhound personality. I came in as a stray on December 12. For the moment I live in C222.

I did my share of sniffing in the laundry room tonight, as you can see from these pictures.

There are lots of fantastic dogs here that need loving homes! If you're thinking of getting a dog for somebody for Christmas, please bring your loved one down here to the shelter with you and let that person pick out the right dog. Hope to see you down here soon!

Rico - A3717478

Hi! My name is Rico, and I am a 5 month old male Labrador/Beagle mix, according to my kennel card. Right now I live in C236. I was brought in December 3 as a stray. My card says Hold, but if you're interested in me you should ask about me anyway.

When Susan the dog lady came in to my cage to get acquainted, I greeted her with a lot of rambunctious jumping. Normally when that happens, Susan stands in the corner and turns her back to the dog. But she felt my claws catch on the pockets of her pants and she was afraid I would shred her clothes. So she turned around and raised her knee toward her chest each time I jumped. After she did that about 3 times, I got the message.

I wasn't easy to take out of the cage. I am not used to walking on leash with a training collar very well, but Susan would just stand in place until I would settle down, then take a few steps forward at a time. Eventually, we got to the back. If I started jumping again, Susan would keep the leash very short and just lower her hand closest to my head toward the ground, pulling the leash down with it.

Susan treats all the dogs she takes out to a laundry room excursion to smell the dirty laundry, and I was no exception.

Susan just LOVES this last photo of me. You see, I was sitting nicely instead of jumping, and Susan praised me lavishly and gave me many treats. My transformation from an unruly jumper to a pretty sitter was fast!

The Carson shelter will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM on Christmas Eve day. Please come down and look at the many wonderful dogs that are available for adoption!

Skipper - A3764020

Hi! My name is Skipper, and I am an 11 year old male German Shepherd mix. I was owner surrendered on December 18. Right now I live in C219.

Susan thought my eyes looked a bit weepy so she wiped my face and eyes with some baby wipes.

Susan thinks that for an 11 year old dog I am in pretty good shape. She took me in to the back while she was cleaning out the laundry room, and let me sniff some dirty towels. She thinks I am a calm sweet boy.

You can see my handsome face especially in the last photos.

Please come down to the shelter and consider giving an animal the Christmas gift of a loving home. You can take me or another dog home for just $37 dollars!

Zippy - A3764825

Susan the dog lady calls me Zippy. I came in today, December 21, as a stray. I was totally freaked out and I was trying to snap at Al, the kennel attendant.

Christy the vet tech asked Susan to wash me, as I seem to have "stress flakes" in my fur. I didn't like the bath at all. I struggled a bit, but Susan managed to bathe me. I did not even try to bite her.

I enjoyed the toweling off. Susan said I looked quite handsome! Susan then walked me around the shelter a little to let me dry off some more. I was quite headstrong on the leash, so Susan put a tiny training collar on me, and with a little more practice I got used to it.

Right now I am living in C218. I am still freaked out by all the barking noises here and I am even shy about approaching Susan. Please come down and say hello to me!