Sunday, December 09, 2007

Tricia - A3760930

Hi! Susan the dog lady named me Tricia. I came in on December 9 as a stray, so I'm not officially available for adoption yet. The shelter thinks I am 2 years old. My kennel card says black and white Shepherd mix, but Susan wonders if I am part Australian Shepherd, part Pointer or Dalmatian! You can see I actually am tri-colored, but I am mostly white. Right now I am living in C134.

Susan swiped my fur with her furminator and immediately discovered flea dirt and live fleas! So after walking me around a little bit, she put me in the tub.

I didn't like my bath very much. After struggling a little bit, I decided to cooperate. It wasn't obvious, but I was very dirty! Susan gave me a basic shampooing, a flea shampooing, creme rinse, and a final rinse with some vinegar in the water. She said, "Tricia, you are such a beauty!" At one point I threw up during my bath! But Susan cheerfully cleaned it up.

I really liked being toweled off. The dead fleas kept coming off on the towels. Susan let me lie down on a dog bed in the laundry room while she cleaned up after the bath. She gave me some water, then a little food. I ate about a third of a bowl, and that was enough.

Susan says I look really pretty now, and my fur has a gloss to it. Won't you come down and say hello? There are lots of great dogs down here that so desperately need loving homes.