Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jamie - A3557338

Greetings! (slobber, drool) My name is Jamie. I am male, about two years old. Susan the Dog Lady thinks I am a black Labrador Retriever and Dalmatian mix, but the Carson shelter says I am a Pointer. The Dog Lady thinks I am very handsome. My impound number is A3557338 and I currently live in cage 219 at the Carson shelter.

Just like my neighbor Mandy, I've been having a little problem jumping in my cage when I see the Dog Lady. But the Dog Lady says I'm getting much better at sitting. We're now starting to work on sit-stay.

I just love it when the Dog Lady is here. Because she takes me out back and plays BALL with me, which I LIVE FOR! (slobber, drool).

I don't mean to, but I get a little too excited when we're playing ball and so sometimes I try snatching it out of her hand. And another problem is that I just don't want to give up the ball so she can throw it again! So the Dog Lady has been working on that with me. She'll trade me one ball for another. And she makes me take it nice and easy out of her hand. But it's hard to remember all this because she only gets to be with me for about 15 or 20 minutes twice a week!

When I've done a real good sit, the Dog Lady gives me a nice rub on my chest. I like that!

If you have a chance, come down and visit us. I'd love to go home with somebody who loves to throw a ball for me!

Mandy - A3549778

Hi! I am female and about six years old. I am a shepherd mix. My name is Mandy. That's what Susan the Dog Lady calls me.

My impound number is A3549778 and I currently live in cage 215 at the Carson Shelter.

The Dog Lady has been having me practice sit and stay. It's hard to remember it though, because I only see her two times a week and nobody else practices with me. Every time I see her, I get real excited so I just start jumping around in my kennel. She doesn't like that very much so I try real hard to do what she wants. Boy, she's a tough mommy.

I've been getting better with the stay though. She has me sit, then she slowly opens the cage door, and she makes me stay so I don't rush out. She says I am getting better at it.

The Dog Lady has me walk with her around the shelter. I have to behave myself on the leash. Then she takes me in the back play area where I can play with a ball and practice sit-stay some more.

I am lucky to get the walks and a chance to play ball. Not all the dogs here get that chance. Won't you please come down and visit me, and maybe take me or one of my neighbors home?