Monday, August 27, 2007

Snowball - A3717549

My name is Snowball, and I am a 1 year old male Husky mix. I was brought in as a stray on August 24, so I'm not officially available for adoption yet. Right now I live in C223.

Tonight Susan and I met for the first time. I am a touch shy. Susan was amused because when she presented a dog treat to me, I'd come up to her, take it out of her hand, then retreat to the other side of the kennel to eat it. I did that several times.

By the way, pit bulls have been getting lots of bad press lately, and I have lots of great neighbors here at the pound who are pit bulls. The newspapers don't tell you how smart pit bulls are and how loving they can be. The newspapers don't tell you about the pit bulls who save lives and work as therapy, rescue, and drug enforcement dogs.

It's a sad state of affairs that probably close to 50% of the dogs at the Carson shelter get euthanized, and the vast majority of them are pit bulls - but that's how things are. By adopting a dog at the pound and taking one of us home, you'll be sparing a life and making more room for all the dogs - pit bulls and others - crowded in here. So please come on down and say hello, and if you can't adopt a dog, encourage a friend to do so.

Noodle - A3718040 and Winston - A3716152

Hi! I'm Noodle. That's what Susan the dog lady named me tonight. I am an 11 month old male tri-color beagle mix. Well, that's what my kennel card says, but Susan thinks I could be pure beagle. I was brought in as a stray on August 25, so I'm not officially available for adoption yet. Maybe my owner will find me. I live with my roommate Winston toward the back of building 3.

It turns out Susan has some really YUMMY dog treats - beef, liver, chicken, salmon, and some grain-free dog cookies. You can see in the second picture here that I'm sitting at attention, just waiting to get another treat!

My roommate Winston is a 3 month old male pit bull mix. Well his kennel card says 3 months but Susan thinks he could be a little older. He was owner surrendered on August 22. He's a little bit shy, but is willing to take treats.

The kennels are very crowded with dogs and many cages have multiple dogs. Susan spent a lot of time tonight hosing out part of building 3 so that the dogs would have clean places to lie down. They sure could use good homes. Won't you come down and say hello and consider adopting a dog here? For your $38 adoption fee, we get spayed or neutered, we get shots and a microchip implant!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ophelia - A3711321

Hi! My name is Ophelia. I am a 5 year old German Shepherd, a bit on the plump side, and my kennel card says I have epilepsy. I was owner surrendered on August 10. Right now I live in C128.

Susan the dog lady and I got to meet tonight and she took me out. Except for my plumpness, Susan says I am an extremely beautiful, well-cared-for dog. It's sad that my owners gave me up.

Susan took me by the cattery and some cats hissed. My ears went up and I got very interested, but I didn't do anything. Susan took me away from there, and we went and walked by all the ducks and chickens.

I'd love to have a new home with somebody who will take me for walks and be willing to give me medication. Please come down to the Carson shelter and say hello and maybe take one of us home!

A3712367 - Violet

Hi, my name is Violet. I am a Beagle Pit Bull mix. I was brought in as a stray on August 13 so technically I'm not yet available for adoption. The kennel card does not show my age but Susan the dog lady thinks I can't be much older than a year. Right now I live in C139.

I am a little frightened being here, with all these crazy dogs barking, and tonight, thankfully, was the slowest night that Susan the dog lady had since getting back from vacation, so she had time to take me out! We went out to the back play area where I could sniff around, and Susan took another photo of me to show the freckles on my muzzle.

I sure hope my owner finds me. But there are a lot of dogs here that are available for adoption now. Won't you come on down and visit us and say hello?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pirate - A3683796

Hi! My name is Pirate! I am a stray one year old male pit bull mix, and I have been here at the Carson shelter since June 18. Right now I live in C223.

When Susan the dog lady comes by with treats, I get excited and my tail goes thumpa thumpa thumpa. You can hear my tail a few feet away. Susan named me when I was still over in building 3, and we became fast friends. Finally Myra the shelter aid moved me last week to building 2.

I confess I get a little too excited at times and then I start jumping in my cage. I am still really a puppy, so I have lots of energy to burn. Unfortunately, it's been sooo busy here lately, that Susan and the other volunteers don't always have time to take me out.

I'd love it if you'd stop by and visit the Carson shelter. There is a special place in heaven for those of you who adopt one of us into your homes.

A3705079 - Loretta

Hi! My name is Loretta, and I am a 7 month old pit bull mix. I was owner surrendered on July 29. The pit mix next door to me is named Patsy. Susan the dog lady named us after the country singers Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn. Right now I live in C246. We are across from Pirate.

Susan and I met for the first time tonight, and she greeted me with her yummy treats. Now I wag when she approaches.

The L.A. County shelters put many dogs to death, because they can't find homes for all of us. This is especially true for pit bulls. Despite all the bad press we get, not all pit bulls are bad vicious dogs by any means! So come on down and say hello to us, we'd love to have you visit!

Charlene - A1688029

My name is Charlene. I was owner surrendered on June 27. I am 7 year old female Labrador mix. Here at the pound, I am a little shy and I'm scared. Right now I live in C239.

When I first saw Susan the dog lady back in June, I was too scared to approach her to take treats, but now I bark in greeting when I see her and I eagerly take treats. Tonight for the first time she tried taking me out for a walk. She saw me hang my head low and tuck my tail in, so she tried to get me to hold my head high and walk with pride. We're working on it!

There are some black patches on my fur. Susan thinks Boris the vet will check me for possible demodex. But it is very treatable.

I sure could use a loving home with somebody who has a little patience with a shy dog. Won't you come down to the shelter and say hello and adopt me?

Murphy - A3698136

Hi! My name is Murphy. I am a 7 year old male terrier mix. I have a pure white coat, and my eyes are very pale blue. I came in as a stray on July 15. Right now I live in C244.

Susan the dog lady thought my coat looked a bit dingy, so today she took me into the back to give me a bath. I was OK with it most of the time, but I yelped when she tried shampooing my butt. Then when she was drying me off, I was sitting in her lap sort of splayed over on one side of my rump. I started growling. I didn't even try to bite her though. Susan thinks I was really good not to try biting her. She thinks I am in some kind of pain, and she is having Boris the vet look at me.

There was a small tick attached to one of my eyelids, and Susan and Angie managed to get rid of most of it, but couldn't get it all off. Susan gave me a good flea and tick shampoo, and she also asked Boris the vet to look at my eye.

I am a friendly dog, and I really like to get out and around. So why don't you come on down and say hi!