Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Margie - A3669717

Hi! My name is Margie, and I'm a 2 year old Siberian Husky. Right now I live in building 1. Susan the dog lady thinks I have the coolest eyes. I have one brown eye and one blue with a splash of brown.

You can see from the photos that I am VERY attentive when Susan holds one of those delicious salmon treats above my head! Right now there are a number of Siberian Huskies down here, as well as fabulous German Shepherds. Won't you come down, say hello, and adopt one of us?

Barney - A3655448

Hi! My name is Barney. I am about a year old, probably some kind of Rottweiler mix, although my kennel card says shepherd mix. I was adopted but returned, so I am ready to go.

Today Susan the dog lady took me out for the first time today. She discovered that I have a playful, almost bratty nature. I don't walk on a leash real well. And I like to mouth. Susan worked with me on loose leash walking. She wants me to stop lunging forward. And she won't allow me to jump or to use my mouth on her. We have a few things to work on, but she says I'm a nice dog and I am looking forward to my next lesson!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Please support AB 1634!

Please do the Carson Canines a huge favor and contact your local Assemblyperson expressing your support for AB 1634! Do it soon. Too many of us are getting euthanized. The rescues have more dogs than they can handle. Here at the Carson shelter, because there are so many dogs, the volunteers and staff are doubling up dogs in cages, praying they'll get along and not fight. You can definitely do your part to help. Please do it!

To find out more about this initiative, visit the AB 1634 blog.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cybil - A3665906

Hi, my name is Cybil, and I have a big tail wag for everybody! I am a shepherd/collie mix. I live in building 2 with Oreo. I was adopted out once and returned. I have been here since May 12. I am ready to go home with you today!

Oreo - A3659805

Hi! My name is Oreo, and I am a 2 year black and white Lab/terrier mix. I've been here since April 28 and I live in building 2, toward the front, with Cybil. I am ready to go home with you now!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Goldie - A3664736

Hi! Susan the dog lady calls me Goldie. I am a 3 year old female pit bull. I live in C133.

Tonight Susan tried to furminate me on my butt and noticed lots of flea dirt and then she saw live fleas! She said, "Girl, you need a bath - we need to knock off those fleas!" So she lifted me up into the tub and gave me a warm soapy bath. I didn't look dirty but man was I dirty! I had a bloody tail and butt too, though Susan isn't sure if it's from flea bites or from something else.

Susan says I am one of the calmest dogs she had ever bathed. I didn't even try getting out of the bathtub! I am a little shy and sometimes I am a little timid when I walk around the shelter with her. But I feel so much better now that those fleas are gone!

Pralaine needs a home! - A3624824

My name is Pralaine, I am a pit bull and I live in C223.

Cori is desperately trying to find a home for me. She has until Wednesday. Is there anybody out there who'd like a brindle pit bull girl?

Friday, May 11, 2007

Kittana - A3655816

My name is Kittana. I am a 5 year female German Shepherd, and I have been here since April 19. Right now I live in C235.

I am a big girl so I need a lot of exercise. But I am rather calm. Last night was the first time that Susan took me out for a walk.

Trixie - A3662843

Hi, my name is Trixie, and I am a 1 year old female Jack Russell Terrier. I live in C103 with a Miniature Pincher named Pixie.

Today Susan the dog lady took me out back to see how I would do with clicker training and she said "Trixie you're a natural!" In that first photo you can see I am starting to leap up, but Susan said "OFF!"

Susan used the clicker and some yummy chicken, salmon and vegetable treats to teach me to focus on her. That was a lot of fun! I hope you'll adopt me and then take me to some training courses!

Friday, May 04, 2007

North Shore Adoption Fair at the Carson Shelter, Sunday, May 6

The Los Angeles County Carson shelter is holding a one-off adoption fair on Sunday May 6. Normally the shelter is closed on Sunday but this day is a special day. The understanding is that dozens of dogs will be spayed and neutered, given shots, and microchipped so they are ready to go. (You can get a cat too!)

At posting time the exact hours were unknown but the shelter definitely will not be open earlier than 10 AM.

This is a copy of the flyer that was posted up at Whole Foods, Centinela Feed, Tidy Dog Wash, and the Redondo Beach Dog Park.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Oscar - A3619782

My name is Oscar. I am a Malinois, and the shelter thinks I am 8 years old, but there is plenty of gas left in my tank! I have been here at the shelter since February 3. I live in C226 with my roommate Jack.

Susan was worried about us being stuck in building 3 for so long so she found a way to move us into building 2 tonight.

I hope I'll get to see lots of nice people this weekend. Please come down and say hello!

Jack - A3638928

Hi, my name is Jack! I am a 2 year old shepherd mix. I've been here since March 7. Tonight Susan the dog lady moved me and my roommate Oscar into C226.

Susan thinks I have a beautiful tan and white coat. We met only briefly, but Susan thinks I am pretty nice! Won't you come on down here to the Carson shelter and adopt one of us?

Butch - A3657949

My name is Butch, and the shelter thinks I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pit Bull mix. Right now I live in C319.

Tonight Susan the dog lady and I met for the first time. She came into my cage to wipe off my face. I ended up washing her face with lots of licks!

Won't you come down to see me this weekend and say hello?