Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Blitz - A3731021

My name is Blitz. I was owner surrendered on September 25. I am a 7 year old male Shepherd / Chow mix. Right now I live in C345.

Susan the dog lady and I met for the first time tonight. She noticed my bloody tail, so she ran and got some baby wipes. She wiped my face, and she tried to wipe my tail to see if it was still bleeding. It was, so she put in a request for the vet to check me.

An older dog can often make a great pet. We're usually house-trained, and a lot of us know some doggy manners.

You get a great deal when you adopt from the shelter. For $38, a dog comes spayed or neutered, gets the standard shots, and gets a microchip implant. If you want to adopt a dog, please come on down and say hi!

Lacey - A3721421

Hi, my name is Lacey! I was owner surrendered on Sept 3. I am a pit bull mix puppy, about 4-5 months old. Right now I live in C223. Today Susan the dog lady FINALLY took me out!

I am not very used to walking with a training collar and leash. I yelped a little when the collar tightened so Susan tried to be extra-careful with me. She gave me lots of yummy treats whenever I stayed by her as we tried to walk. It wasn't easy, because I wanted to explore everything!

I hit the jackpot - Susan gave me a dish of yummy moist food with some vegetable powder to pump up the nutrition. I gobbled it up in less than 2 minutes. Then we got to work on walking some more. One of the vet techs had Butch the big beautiful cream-colored pit bull in the back. Butch and I got to kiss each other through the fencing!

Susan was real busy tonight showing dogs to people who want to adopt dogs. There are lots of great dogs down here and it's only $38! So please come down and say hello!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A3728659 - Sunny

My name is Sunny. I just came in today, September 19, as a stray. I am a three year old male Golden Retriever mix, but Susan the dog lady thinks I look like a pure retriever. Right now I am in building 3.

When Susan and I met, my eyes were so crusted over that she used three baby wipes to clear them. My fur is a little matted in places too, so Susan thinks I may have been out for a few days.

I wasn't sure at first how to walk on a leash with a choke chain, but Susan tethered me to her waist, then kept praising me whenever I didn't pull, and before you know it, we were walking around the shelter together like old chums.

There are lots of dogs here in need of loving homes. Please come down to the shelter and consider adopting one of us, and if you can't, tell your friends about us!

A3727044 - Kokomo

Hi, Susan the dog lady calls me Kokomo! I am a beautiful nine month old male pit bull. I was owner surrendered on September 15. Right now I live in building 3.

Susan and I met for the first time tonight. She came in to my cage and gave me a yummy treat each time I sat! I am very good at sitting.

I can ALMOST shake paws. I am working on it! I enjoyed my walk tonight with Susan. Please come down here to the shelter and consider adopting one of us!

Charlene gets a bath!

Hi! I'm Charlene, remember me? I've been here since June 27. I was owner surrendered. I am a seven year old lab mix.

At first, I was a little scared and shy. But I'm used to the shelter now. I've roomed with a lot of puppies, and some of them have been kind of bratty! I like to bark a greeting at everybody I know when they walk by. I bark at Susan the dog lady a lot!

I was taken to a few pet fairs, and in the confusion of shuffling dogs around, I've now been moved to C219.

When Susan first started working with me, I was kind of hard to walk, because I was scared and I kept pulling my head to the ground. Susan had to literally push my chin up and have me walk that way - with her bent over, walking with her hand under my chin as we walked together. Now when I walk with Susan, my head is up and it's no big deal.

Tonight Susan finally got around to giving me a bath! She had been wanting to do it for a while, and tonight she found a flea on me. Because I had some sort of skin condition, she especially wanted to bathe those affected areas with a medicated shampoo. She was hoping the bath would stop some of my itching too.

Susan thought I was very very good during the bath. I did not try struggling to get away. I got a basic shampoo, then flea shampoo, and finally medicated shampoo, followed by creme rinse and a final rinsing with some vinegar. I smelled clean afterwards!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Barney - A3713829

Hi, my name is Barney! I am a one year old male Shepherd mix. I have been here since August 16. I live in C341 with Canela.

I am a friendly dog and I can live in a cage with another dog. But I am a shy boy. Susan the dog lady and I got to get acquainted today. I didn't want to leave the cage because all those barking dogs made me nervous! She finally had to lift my butt out to get me to come out.

It was really hard for Susan to get me to the back play area. She didn't coax, or sooth, or baby talk me - she just gently but forcefully pulled me back there. I didn't want to move!

But once we were back there, it wasn't so bad. We started walking around, and Susan let me "lead" since I was so hesitant to walk on leash. She let me sniff some dirty laundry - hmm, that was interesting! And we walked around a little bit around the kennels. It was hard, but we did it!

I am a nice boy, and I need a home. And I need somebody who will have a little patience with me. Won't you please come down to Carson and adopt one of us?

Canela - A3714420

Hi! My kennel card says "Canela" and to be honest Susan the dog lady isn't sure if that's my name or not! I am a three year old male Golden Retriever mix. I was brought in by my owner on August 17 and my owner requested euthanasia. Susan does not know why.

I live with Barney in C341 so I get along with other dogs just fine. And I don't have any obvious weird disease that could be contagious to other dogs. Susan didn't see anything wrong with me!

It was really hot today. Susan clipped my ruff and neck a bit hoping that it would cool me off. I didn't mind at all. There was quite a pile of hair on the laundry room floor when we were done!

Lots of dogs are doubled up here. Sometimes cages with small dogs contain five or six dogs. But even medium sized dogs are getting tripled up. There are so many of us who desperately need homes! At the Carson shelter, you get a great deal! For $38, we come with spaying or neutering, shots, and microchip implant. So if you are thinking of adopting, please make a visit to the Carson shelter a high priority. Thank you!

Mikey - A3712128

Susan the dog lady named me Mikey. I am a stray white Beagle mix, and I've been here since August 12. Susan forgot to note how old I am, but I am not very old at all. I live in C342. I should probably be in building 2, but we are so crowded here they haven't been able to move me.

There have been soooo many dogs here that Susan just hasn't had much time to get thoroughly acquainted with me. She made a special trip down here on Sunday during the holiday weekend to get to know some of us a little better. I am glad she came down and took me out!

I got to spend a little time Sunday afternoon in the back play area. Won't you come down and say hello to some of us dogs?

Sophie - A3718640

Hi! Susan the dog lady named me Sophie. I came in as a stray on August 27, and Myra showed Susan the condition I was in. I had a sore on the side of my face that looked swollen and appeared to be getting infected. There is also a small hole in the bridge of my nose. Myra and Susan think that maybe I tangled with a cat. Anyway, I am female chihuahua mix, about 5 months old. Right now I live in C133.

I'm doing a whole lot better now. Susan's been feeding me extra moist food with vegetable powder, garlic and kelp, to pump up my nutrition, because I am pretty skinny. And the sore on my face is getting better.

Susan gave me a flea dip and shampoo on Friday. So now my coat is silky soft and smells good.

I am a friendly girl. I share a cage with a number of other small dogs. Please come on down to the Carson shelter and say hello!