Thursday, December 28, 2006

Barney - A3610413

Hi! My name is Barney, and right now I am living in cage C221. Susan the dog lady thinks I might be some kind of pointer/doberman mix.

When Susan first tried getting to know me on Wednesday and tried walking me, I didn't like the training collar at all! I kept bucking like a bronco and kept trying to chew the leash. Susan wasn't sure if it was really hurting me or I was just being a brat, so she put a martingale collar on me just in case. I didn't complain with the martingale, but Susan noticed I was pulling on it. She also noticed I barely felt any correction when I growled at the ducks in the back. So Susan thought about it and decided that next time she would try the training collar on me again.

On Friday the 29th, Susan walked me with the training collar again. I tried chewing the leash but I was just getting a mouthful of metal and she kept yanking it away. I tried jumping a few times too but she kept stepping away and wouldn't do anything. However, if I quietly sat, she'd step in and give me a rub and maybe a chicken treat! So, I think I'm learning that jumping and bucking get me nothing, walking and sitting get me chest rubs and pats and chicken treats! Susan actually walked me around the shelter a few times and said I was much better today!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Nobody knows my name, but since I am winning popularity contests here at the Carson shelter, Chuck, a shelter employee calls me Dollbaby. Susan says I am Chuck's girlfriend. They think I am a sharpei mix with maybe some Jindo. I just love everybody here.

Susan doesn't know my impound number at the moment, but right now I am being held in a court case. I was brought in with a boxer and a German shepherd because of biting. The shelter employees think it was the German shepherd who did the biting and the boxer and I are just getting a bad rap. It's unfair, but these things happen all the time - a dog getting blamed for something he or she didn't do.

That's me with Chuck in the first picture above. Then Chuck asked me to look at Susan, which I did - that's in the second photo below.

King - A3611041

Susan calls me King. I am 2 year old male German Shepherd, brown and black. I was impounded on December 11, and I live in cage C337. On Monday the 18th, Susan was showing me to a nice man. She noticed I was scared, and that I cringed every time she moved her hands quickly near my head. When she put me back, I tried to bite her, but fortunately she moved her hand away in time. The man changed his mind about adopting me though.

Today Susan came back to see me. She came with plenty of delicious chicken and liver treats. Whenever I let her touch me and pet me on the head and neck she would click and then feed me the treats. We played that game for a while. The treats were delicious!

Then she dangled the training collar around my neck for a while, and as long as I didn't act scared, she'd click and feed me more treats. Finally, I just let her put it on me. By this time I was sticking my head in the crook of her arm, hoping she'd rub my ears.

Susan took great care to give me a great neck rub and let me see her hands whenever she put on, removed, or adjusted the training collar. She took me outside for a walk and it was great to get a chance to relieve myself! We had a good time. I hope she visits again soon, and brings more of those treats! I like that game!

Creampuff - A3608485

Susan the dog lady calls me Creampuff because my coat is such a beautiful creamy color. I am a 1 year old male pit bull, still a puppy! I live in cage C314.

When Susan entered the cage I completely lost control because I was so wild with joy! I kept jumping and trying to get her attention, but she stood there like a pillar in one corner, with her face to the corner, arms tucked in. She wouldn't look at me even though I was jumping all over the place!

Susan finally managed to get a chain on me and the leash attached, but I was still going crazy. In between my jumps I was trying to wash her hands with my tongue. So all Susan could do was stand on the leash to keep me from jumping so hard.

Because I couldn't settle down, Susan decided not to try walking me. But she plans on coming back into my cage regularly to see if I can be conditioned to settle down quicker! I hope she comes back!

Marty (part II) - A3589907

Hi there, Marty again! I am a 1 year old male dalmatian mix. I'm still a puppy! Right now I am living in cage C203.

Today Rydecka one of the shelter employees told Susan the dog lady that I am very hyper. So Susan took me out today and walked me around the shelter about six times to try and defuse me!

Susan did her standard trick of putting down the divider door, entering my cage on the other side, then raising the door and slipping my head through the chain. She stood on the leash to keep me from jumping, then had me sit and stay before we even got out of the cage.

Susan made sure to use the training collar on me and I wasn't hyper at all! She walked me several times around the shelter. Sometimes she'd stop and make me sit during the walk. She also took me into the back play area and let me chase a furry squeaky toy.

I am an exuberant dog and need a loving home. Will you come down to the shelter and adopt me?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Coco - A3610463

Hi, Susan the Dog Lady calls me Coco! I am a young terrier mix. Today Susan found me in building 3 but I've been available for adoption so she moved me into cage C220 in building 2.

I am not disciplined and don't know how to leash-walk very well at all. I kept biting Susan's leash. But Susan thinks I am extremely sweet and friendly and nice, and I didn't bark once while she had me out! So she thinks I'd make somebody a fantastic pet!

Here are my pictures. It's so nice that Susan can get down here during daylight hours so she can take pictures of us.

Chance (part II) - A3143241

Hello Chance here! Susan the dog lady now has some time off work and she can come down here to the shelter and spend some time with us during the day! Oh boy!

I have a problem popping off at other dogs so Susan has to keep my training collar high, behind my ears, and give me a firm correction when I start popping off. Today after she gave me a correction I stopped popping off and I sat and looked up at her. That's exactly what she wanted!

Susan wanted to take these extra pictures of me playing with my favorite green fuzzy squeak toy. She thought I looked extra handsome after she furminated me. And my sit and stay are progressing well. I don't whine and bark anymore when she makes me stay.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Benny - A3606462

Hi, I'm Benny, and I'm a young tri-colored beagle mix in cage C218. I have a little chihuahua kennel mate.

Tonight Susan the dog lady and I got acquainted for the first time and she took me out for a quick walk. Susan is amazed at how calm I remain when all the dogs are in a barking frenzy, and how easy I am to walk.

Marty - impound # pending

Hi! I'm Marty, and Susan the Dog Lady forgot to write down all the information on me, but she thinks I'm a pointer mix, and that I'm still a puppy (less than 2 years old). Next time she is here, she will get more information about me. Right now, I am in the building 2 cage furthest to the back on the west side.

I'm very friendly, and not hard to walk. Susan was telling Tammy the animal control officer that she's getting very fond of pointer dogs!

Cindy, a really adorable beagle

Hi! My name is Cindy. Susan the Dog Lady is putting up my pictures because she happens to be fond of beagles. She thought I was a real sweetheart. She is having second thoughts about adopting a beagle someday, because she's afraid she might spoil us!

It turns out that even though I was owner-surrendered on December 11, I was adopted immediately. Susan encouraged a man with a young boy to adopt me. So hopefully I will be gone by the time Susan comes back. If I'm not, Susan will be sure to put up more information on me.

Rex (part II) - A3583228

Hi, Rex again! My neighbors Beryl and Jojo appear to have been adopted (knock on wood)! Wish them luck, and let's hope we don't see them here again.

Susan the dog lady took these pictures of me tonight and she thought they were much better than my prior photo.

Susan is working on being firmer with me, because I do try to dominate her. Tonight we worked really hard on sit-stay. A few weeks ago she noticed that I have a tendency to growl if I think my toys are being threatened, and she body-blocked me from a toy so she could safely access it. Tonight I growled again and she did the same thing again. Then while she was sitting on the bench I laid myself against her legs and then tried to jump on her knee to be petted - but she knew that I was again trying to establish dominance with her, and she wouldn't allow it. Tonight she took me back into the laundry room and furminated me. She notices that I seem uncomfortable when she does that to me but she does get rid of a lot of loose fur.

It's really difficult at this time of year to be able to play in the back because it gets dark so early. Susan is hoping she can wrap up work early this year to take some extra time off for Christmas, and hopefully spend more time with me and the other dogs down here! Let's hope she can get her work done!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Beryl - impound # pending

Hi, it's me! Beryl again. I know, you haven't heard from me in a while. But I'm still here!

After I had emergency surgery to repair my leaking neutering incision, I spent weeks confined in the observation area. Every time Susan the Dog Lady came to visit me, she brought along Mandy and she gave me treats. I never barked at Mandy during those times.

Finally, Susan and Chuck, a shelter employee, moved me back to building 2 with the available dogs, so everybody could see me. Susan didn't write down anything today, but she'll let you know my impound number and cage number.

If you've read my history, you know that I get scared around other dogs. Susan the Dog Lady had tried a number of ways to help me get over my fear. She tried walking me with a head collar, but we decided it wasn't very helpful. I already mentioned that while I was in observation after my surgery, Susan would come by with Mandy and slip me some chicken treats, so that I would experience something good in the presence of another dog.

Now, Susan thinks I am a little better. I can do sit and stay for her, and she has me sit and stay and look at her every time she thinks I am starting to freak out over the sound of dogs barking. She gets down in front of me to make sure I look at her. She has me sit immediately after exiting my cage, when all the other dogs are in a frenzy barking!

As you can see, I love the green dinosaur squeak toy. I love it so much that Susan stopped by Petco to pick up another one, so we'd have two to play with in the back play area. It has a great loud squeak and it is a challenge to try and bite down on. I love it when Susan throws one and I chase it and bring it back. Just when I lie down to try and bite it, Susan squeaks then throws the other one, and I chase the other one. I get tired after this game!

The great thing about this game is that it is so fun that Susan can distract me with it when another dog comes near!

The other day Susan and Rydecka, another shelter employee, tried walking me with another dog named Princess. I wasn't too happy about Princess being there but I did the walk. When we were done walking, Susan actually had me and Princess both in down-stays for about a minute. It didn't last, but it was an encouraging step.

Jojo - impound # pending

My name is Jojo. Susan the Dog Lady thinks I have a lovely thick glossy black coat.

I am normally very calm, but for some reason sometimes I freak out when I am about to exit my cage. Susan isn't sure if it's because I'm scared of the other dogs. So we're going to work on why I don't exit the cage calmly, as befitting my calm nature.

Today was the day after Thanksgiving, and I had a chance to spend some time with the Dog Lady. But she forgot to write down all the information on me, so next time she posts she'll tell you a little more about me.

We didn't do too much today, just walk a little and work on sit-stay.

You can see me a little better in the "body shot" below. I have a thick tail that curls up!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Princess - A3593911

Hi! I am also named Princess. I am a one year old female Shepherd Pit Bull mix. Susan the Dog Lady thinks I have the beautifully shaped head of a Staffordshire. I am a medium sized dog; I am not big. I am living in Cage 239.

Susan has not yet had a chance to interact with me much. I don't sit very well yet. But Susan finds I am relatively easy to walk. We're going to work on that sit!

Susan and I had fun taking these pictures together. She laughed and called me a Poser because I was so cooperative when she took the pictures!

Susan is going to try to take me out more and get to know me better. But she knows I really want to have a good home. Please come down to the Carson shelter and visit me!

Ruby - A1413771

Hi, my name is Ruby! I am a four year old female red haired Boxer. I am living in Cage 241 for the time being.

I am another exuberant dog who likes to jump and just lick you all over. I am also extremely strong, so I can be a challenge to walk. When Susan the Dog Lady mentioned to volunteer Cathy how I don't seem to feel the training collar, Cathy called me "Numb Neck." But Susan has been working with me, thank goodness!

Initially, we tried an Easy Walk harness, but Susan decided it is better to control my head and just be very strict (but loving) with me. One of the best things Susan learned from Kay the Trainer is - dogs pull because they can.

As you can see from this photo I like to crowd the cage or play area door. Susan has to be very firm with me and make me sit and stay. If I try to crowd the kennel door, she will body block me. Her insistence on my following a few rules is paying off. Susan no longer feels that I will lunge out of control.

Today Susan took me in the back to play, and I got a chance to play with the green dinosaur toy that all the dogs seem to like!

Is there anybody out there who would like a big exuberant red haired Boxer? I promise I will do my best to follow your rules if you give me the rules! If you give me lots of long walks and exercise, it makes it easier for me to follow the rules!

Chance - A3143241

Hi! My name is Chance. I am a four year old male Boxer Shepherd mix. Right now I live in Cage 217.

I am a big exuberant boy. I jump for joy when Susan the Dog Lady or another volunteer is here to keep us company. But Susan does not want me to jump all over her. I just can't help jumping!

When Susan is ready to walk me, she pulls down the kennel separator to keep me on one side. Then she gets into the cage on the other side. She slowly raises the separator and when I start to poke my head through she instantly slips my head into a training collar with a leash. That way she can control me right away, and I don't get a chance to jump. Then she immediately has me sit and stay while she slowly opens the cage door to the outside. It works for us!

I wish I had a real home. Of course all the other dogs here wish the same thing. I need somebody who will make sure I get lots of walking and lots of play time. I need somebody who will firmly but lovingly make me sit and stay so that I don't jump. Will you take me home?

Princess - A3593911

My name is Princess. I came to the Carson shelter with my brother. I am a one year old female shepherd mix, and right now I live in Cage 230.

I came in very skinny, and twice I was put with other dogs that ate up all the food in our cages. Susan the Dog Lady and Evelyn moved me twice so that I could be alone for a while and get a better chance to eat more food. Susan has also been feeding me a big bowl of extra food each time she comes to the shelter. Today she gave me a whole avocado with some moist dog food.

I am a little shy and a little scared. The other day Susan had me out with another dog that doesn't like dogs and I got really scared. Susan wants to test me with a few other dogs just to make sure I will get along with other dogs. She hopes to do that on Friday.

Rex - A3583328

My name is Rex. I am a four year old male and the Carson shelter thinks I am a Lab Shepherd mix. For now I live in Cage 244. I am known as one of the quiet dogs here.

Susan the Dog Lady thinks I am a dead ringer for Mandy, and I think she is right! We are not siblings though.

Like she does with all the other dogs, Susan is starting me off with sit and stay. She does not like it when we rush the cage doors. Like the other volunteers she thinks that I am a pretty nice dog.

Susan the Dog Lady took me out back today where we played with squeaky toys. I almost never get a chance to play. I was so happy to be able to play with the green dinosaur toy that I started growling when she pressed another squeaky toy against my muzzle while I still was chewing on the green dinosaur. She didn't try to take the green dinosaur away from me, and I didn't try to bite her. But later she marked down on my card that I am squeaky toy aggressive. It's not a major problem, as long as you are aware of it. I just need to be taught it's not OK to growl or be threatening while playing. And to teach me that, I need lots of walking, lots of exercise, and lots of meaningful play time!

Pappas - A3593880

Hi! My name is Pappas. I am a seven year old male terrier mix. Right now I live in Cage 247 with a roommate.

Susan the Dog Lady thinks I'm very cute! Whenever all the dogs start barking, I get up on my hind legs and wave my paws!

On Monday Susan noticed that my fur seemed a little stiff and matted, so today she gave me a shampoo and creme rinse and she tried fluffing out my fur a little more.

It's a little thin, but I think I look better now.

I am very easy to walk, I don't complain when I get a bath, and I love to be petted. I'll bet you'd enjoy having me curl up in your lap! Won't you take me home?

The Puppies

Hi! On October 23, nine of us were turned in to the pound. Mary asked Susan the Dog Lady to clean us up, because we were covered with filth and muck.

So the Dog Lady pushed our big roll cart in to the back laundry and grooming room. Then she found a crate she could put us in as she cleaned us up one by one. Boy did we howl when we got our baths! Another volunteer named Cathy came to help Susan. Cathy dried us off and helped pick off fleas. They wrapped us up in fresh dry towels and let us sleep in the crate under a gentle blow dryer.

Tammy the animal control officer said to put us back in the clinic so we could be examined by Dr. John. So in a double cage, Susan made us a nice snuggly area with blankets. Paul, another volunteer, got us a few bowls of food. We ate and ate, then we fell asleep in a big pile on top of the blankets.

There are only five of us in the photo because Susan took this photo a week after that first bath, after some of us got adopted out. The rest of us were adopted too.

And that's what some of the shelter workers are concerned about. You see, it's always so tempting to adopt a cute little puppy. The shelter workers are worried that they are going to see us again, ten months from now, with our adopters saying, "Well we didn't know the dog would get that big!

So when you adopt puppies like us, please remember that we are going to be adults someday. Don't let us do something when we are still puppies that you wouldn't want us to do when we are adults. That is how you train and discipline us. Will you love us when we are full-grown and think we are still cute?

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Hello! My name is Beryl. That's the name Susan the Dog Lady gave me, because my coat reminds her of jewels. I live right across from Jamie and from Mandy.

In this photo I am modeling a Halti. That's a kind of head collar. You see, I am shy and I get scared of other dogs, and because of that I bark and lunge when the Dog Lady tries walking me. She wants to walk me, but she wants me to be calm first. Thank goodness I am a petite Dalmation, so Dog Lady can handle me easily.

When I first met the Dog Lady, she came into my cage and then I trembled and glued myself against her, hoping she would pet me and comfort me. But she refused to do that. She tried taking me out of my cage with an ordinary collar and leash, but I started barking in fear and lunging at the other dogs. So she put me back in my cage right away.

The next time she visited me, she had me put on the Halti head collar. When I got it on, she petted me and praised me for wearing it. But then when she took me out of my cage, I started jumping up and trying to paw it off.

We managed to get to the back play area, and we played while I wore the Halti. That helped me tolerate the Halti a lot better, and I stopped trying to paw it off after a few tries. Then Dog Lady walked me around a little in the back area. That was challenging. I started barking when I saw the horse!

October 5, 2006

Now, after the dog lady gets me ready to take out, she keeps me moving forward so I don't get a chance to bark and lunge at the other dogs. It's going to take much more practice, but we think it's working. We got some practice walking around in the back today, and I didn't try pawing off the Halti. It was nice and quiet in the back play area. And I didn't bark at the horse this time! But the back of building 2 is a big problem for me. Even though the dogs I see from back there are in cages way over in building 1, I hear lots of other dogs barking. And that's still too much for me to handle. Dog Lady said, "Oops, I pushed you too far, I'm sorry Beryl!"

Dog Lady says I am a nice girl, and that I am very sweet with people. I just need some extra help so I am not scared of other animals. Dog Lady knows how much I love getting my belly rubbed. I like an occasional dried chicken treat. And I do like to play in the back. So Dog Lady's plan for next week is to start teaching me a few cues like Watch Me, Down (for belly rub), and Chase Me. That's all in addition to continuing learning to walk with the Halti. Once I learn the cues, we'll start trying them when we're in the back of building 2, and then maybe try them when we are closer to other dogs.

October 10, 2006

Wow, tonight was a tough night! It was really busy here at the shelter. Dog Lady spent some time with me. We worked a little bit on Watch Me and Sit inside my cage. Boy I can tell you, tonight I just didn't like wearing that head collar! She managed to get me in the back and play with me for a while. Dog Lady noticed that I am sooo in to squeaky toys. Then she got an idea that she might be able to go calmly past the other dogs if I have a good squeaky toy to distract me. Tonight when she put me back in my cage, she actually ran me back with a squeaky toy in front of me.

Is the Halti doing me any good? I don't know yet. Next time she visits, Dog Lady is going to try distracting me out of my cage and into the back play area with sqeaky toys without the Halti. But if I start barking at the other dogs, she will put me back in my cage immediately, put on the Halti, then take me out again with the Halti on.

Whew, this was a rough day. Hopefully Thursday won't be so busy and we can spend more time together.

October 12, 2006

Waaah! Somebody adopted me, and then they decided they didn't want me and brought me back! Dog Lady was here today and knew I had been adopted but didn't know I was returned. She saw me in a different cage near the front as she was walking out leaving for the day. She was surprised and looked so sorry. She said, "Beryl! I am so sorry girl. I didn't know you were back. I'll try and make it up to you." She tried stroking me through the wire mesh of the cage, and then she wrote "Beryl" on the new kennel card. Dog Lady isn't sure, but she'll try and pop in for a quick visit Saturday afternoon to work only with me. If not, then we'll see each other again Monday for sure.

October 14, 2006

It was as crazy today as it is on Monday. So many people around! Susan the Dog Lady did finally manage to get me out. She had a squeaky toy outside my cage that she squeezed to try to get me to focus on it. And then she got me outside on a normal leash and training collar (not the Halti this time). But the squeak toy did not completely distract me. She walked me around up front for a while, and she'd throw the squeak toy for me to pursue. I barked at some dogs, but after a while I stopped. Then somebody noticed that my surgery site seems to be leaking a little. (Before I had gotten adopted out, the shelter neutered me.) Dog Lady got worried, and put me back in my cage. Then she left a note for the vet tech to take a look at me. Susan and I will see each other again Monday.

October 16, 2006

It turned out my surgery site was leaking, and they were considering putting me down! But they didn't. They stitched me up, and put bandages around my lower
midsection and a cone on my head, and they moved me to the OB area by Quarantine. Susan the Dog Lady was worried about me, but she was mighty happy to see me here, and boy was I glad to see her! She was walking Mandy when she found me, and we were so happy to see each other I didn't even bark at Mandy! She's not supposed to take me out while I am in this condition, but before she left she came into my cage and gave me a few chicken treats! Yum!

October 24, 2006

Dog Lady has been exhausted and sick and didn't come in yesterday (Monday), which is her normal day. But she came in today. I am still in the OB area recovering from my surgery leak. The head cone is off though! I was really glad to see Dog Lady today. But she was so busy washing and cleaning up nine 4-week old boxer-shepherd pups though, she didn't have time to do much else. She came into my cage on the way out and fed me some liver treats. Yum!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Jamie - A3557338

Greetings! (slobber, drool) My name is Jamie. I am male, about two years old. Susan the Dog Lady thinks I am a black Labrador Retriever and Dalmatian mix, but the Carson shelter says I am a Pointer. The Dog Lady thinks I am very handsome. My impound number is A3557338 and I currently live in cage 219 at the Carson shelter.

Just like my neighbor Mandy, I've been having a little problem jumping in my cage when I see the Dog Lady. But the Dog Lady says I'm getting much better at sitting. We're now starting to work on sit-stay.

I just love it when the Dog Lady is here. Because she takes me out back and plays BALL with me, which I LIVE FOR! (slobber, drool).

I don't mean to, but I get a little too excited when we're playing ball and so sometimes I try snatching it out of her hand. And another problem is that I just don't want to give up the ball so she can throw it again! So the Dog Lady has been working on that with me. She'll trade me one ball for another. And she makes me take it nice and easy out of her hand. But it's hard to remember all this because she only gets to be with me for about 15 or 20 minutes twice a week!

When I've done a real good sit, the Dog Lady gives me a nice rub on my chest. I like that!

If you have a chance, come down and visit us. I'd love to go home with somebody who loves to throw a ball for me!

Mandy - A3549778

Hi! I am female and about six years old. I am a shepherd mix. My name is Mandy. That's what Susan the Dog Lady calls me.

My impound number is A3549778 and I currently live in cage 215 at the Carson Shelter.

The Dog Lady has been having me practice sit and stay. It's hard to remember it though, because I only see her two times a week and nobody else practices with me. Every time I see her, I get real excited so I just start jumping around in my kennel. She doesn't like that very much so I try real hard to do what she wants. Boy, she's a tough mommy.

I've been getting better with the stay though. She has me sit, then she slowly opens the cage door, and she makes me stay so I don't rush out. She says I am getting better at it.

The Dog Lady has me walk with her around the shelter. I have to behave myself on the leash. Then she takes me in the back play area where I can play with a ball and practice sit-stay some more.

I am lucky to get the walks and a chance to play ball. Not all the dogs here get that chance. Won't you please come down and visit me, and maybe take me or one of my neighbors home?