Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mandy - A3549778

Hi! I am female and about six years old. I am a shepherd mix. My name is Mandy. That's what Susan the Dog Lady calls me.

My impound number is A3549778 and I currently live in cage 215 at the Carson Shelter.

The Dog Lady has been having me practice sit and stay. It's hard to remember it though, because I only see her two times a week and nobody else practices with me. Every time I see her, I get real excited so I just start jumping around in my kennel. She doesn't like that very much so I try real hard to do what she wants. Boy, she's a tough mommy.

I've been getting better with the stay though. She has me sit, then she slowly opens the cage door, and she makes me stay so I don't rush out. She says I am getting better at it.

The Dog Lady has me walk with her around the shelter. I have to behave myself on the leash. Then she takes me in the back play area where I can play with a ball and practice sit-stay some more.

I am lucky to get the walks and a chance to play ball. Not all the dogs here get that chance. Won't you please come down and visit me, and maybe take me or one of my neighbors home?