Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shinne - A3739262

My name is Shinne, though Susan the dog lady likes to call me Maggie. I was found abandoned and brought in on October 12. I am 9 month old female black and white Boxer mix. Right now I live in C238 with a big girl named Ruby.

Susan noticed I wouldn't come up to her at the front of the kennel the way Ruby did. I stood on the other side. Susan thought that maybe I was a little intimidated by Ruby, so she put down the divider and got me out of the back of the kennel.

Susan took me in the back play area. Like Sunny and Gigi, I, too, LOVE the squeaky toys. But there was a problem. I jump aggressively for them, and even though I'm small, I can jump quite high. So Susan had to tell me OFF. And then she discovered that I am VERY GOOD with the SIT command. She started making me SIT before she would throw a toy.

After we played for a while, Susan walked me around the shelter and gave me a few treats. I am quite skinny. So Susan thought I was hungry, and then she thought my big roommate might be eating my food. She mixed me up a bowl of moist Innova puppy food, some Innova dry food, a little bit of dehydrated raw food, and garlic and yeast bits. Most dogs would die for that! But curiously, when she set the bowl down for me, I wouldn't eat it!

Susan couldn't figure it out. Finally, she sat down on the ground with me, mixed a few treats into the food, then presented me a little bit of the mix with her hand. That got me going! I was licking the food off her fingers, and before you know it I had finished the entire bowl.

Susan thinks I am a pretty nice dog. It is pretty easy to keep my toy jumping under control. Please come on down and consider adopting one of us!

Gigi - A3743797

Hi! My name is Gigi. I came in as a stray on October 24, so technically I am not quite yet available, but should be this week. I am an 18 month old tri-color Siberian Husky mix. I live with a Beagle roommate in C247.

Like Sunny, I like the squeaky toys. I LOVE 'em! I start barking and growling at them and my rump goes in the air when I try chewing on them. At first I couldn't decide which one I wanted Susan to squeak and throw.

Finally, the squeaky ball prevailed. You can see me here relaxing after Susan and I romped in the back play area.

Like Loba, I was trying to pull Susan all over the shelter too, so she worked with me on walking. She noticed my strong prey drive when I fixated on the adoptable rabbits and the rooster in the back area. But she gave me lots of praise when I stayed by her side! Her treats were good, too!

If you have the time, I'd LOVE it if you came down and threw a squeaky toy for me! I'll love you forever!

Loba - A3739985

My name is Loba. I am a 7 year old female Shepherd mix (Susan thinks mixed with Chow). I was owner surrendered on October 15. Right now I live in C246.

I am a pretty strong dog. When Susan opened the cage door I tried to get out but Susan blocked me with her leg so she could get in.

Since I am a big strong dog, naturally I wanted to pull Susan all over the place today when she took me out for a walk. I really had to learn that when she stops walking, she won't allow me to pull ahead. We walked around the shelter a few times.

Susan took me into the back play area and got out the furminator. There was soooo much fur that came flying off!! I was very good and sat so she could furminate me, and at one point I laid down. When she was done, she gave me some treats as a reward. You can see me licking my lips here!

Won't you come to the Carson shelter and say howdy?

Kirby - A3742342

My name is Kirby. I am 1 year old male Chihuahua, black and tan. I came in as a stray on October 20. Right now I live in the very last cage in building 2 in the back, on the east side of the aisle. I have 2 roommates, also Chihuahuas or mixes.

When Susan the dog lady came today, my roommates were greeting her by the door of the kennel, but I hung out on the other side of the kennel and kept barking and barking. Susan was wondering "why is that little dog making so much noise?!" So she put down the divider and came over to my side and got me out for a walk!

Susan ran her fingers through my hair and thought she noticed some flea dirt. One swipe with a furminator confirmed it. So into the bath I went!

Susan said I was really really good in the bath. I got very quiet. I let her put mineral oil in my eyes to protect them in case soap ran in them. And it turned out I was a little dirty, and yes, she found some live fleas on me!

Susan gave me a final vinegar rinse after a basic shampoo and a flea shampoo. My favorite part was when she toweled me off. "Kirby" she said, "your fur is so shiny now!"

After the bath, Susan took me for a walk, and I got a chance to go to the bathroom. I think I look better in my "after" photo here!

The Carson shelter is full of great dogs that you can adopt for just $38! We come with spaying or neutering, shots and a microchip implant! We are the best deal around. So if you are considering adopting a dog, please come down and visit us - oh heck, come and visit us anyway and say hi!

Sunny - A3740021

Hi! My name is Sunny. I am a 4 month old female Labrador Retriever mix. I came in to the Carson shelter as a stray on October 15. Right now I live in C219.

Susan the dog lady took me out today. We went into the back play area, and she got out some squeaky toys. In these photos, you can see that these toys are bigger than my mouth!

With my ears flying back, I look like a Chihuahua, but I'm not a Chihuahua!

Oh it was sooo hard making the decision - which squeaky toy do I want to chase? Do I want to chase the black fuzzy slipper toy? Or do I want to chase the squeaky ball?

The squeaky ball finally won out. I had a good romp in the play area. Now I am relaxing in this photo.

Susan thinks I am really cute with my crooked ear. I had a wonderful time with her today. Lots of play, a walk around the shelter, and some yummy treats! Won't you come down and say hello to us?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Velma - A3730243

My name is Velma. I am some kind of Shepherd mix. I am a 1 year old female, and I've been here as a stray since September 22. Right now I live in C225.

I was willing to take treats through the fencing, but when Susan opened my kennel door, she discovered that I am very shy. I ran to the other side of the kennel and started barking. So Susan turned her back to me and left me yummy treats right behind her. I had to go up behind her to take them.

I enjoyed playing this game! At one point my butt was in the air while I was barking at Susan. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go for the treats or not!

Susan is going to keep working with me so I am not quite so shy. But she thinks I am very promising. There are lots of great dogs down here, which you can adopt for just $38. Won't you come down and say hi?

Ozzy - A3738937

Hi! My name is Ozzy. I am a 6 month old male Lab Pit Bull mix. I was owner surrendered very recently. Right now I live in C227.

Susan the dog lady has been soooo busy. She wasn't here for 3 weeks because she has been trying to start up a part-time business. And tonight, she spent most of her time cleaning up the laundry room. So I was real lucky she came out, and gave me some yummy treats!

As you can see I am VERY attentive when Susan's holding one of her fantastic liver, chicken, beef, salmon, or cookie treats! Susan says I am a nice calm boy. Won't you come on down and say hello?