Monday, April 30, 2007

Kuma - A3222896

Hi, my name is Kuma! I am a male Shepherd mix. I have shots and a microchip and I am neutered so I am ready to be adopted today. Right now I live in C248.

I am huge - quite overweight. I need exercise so badly. But I am a calm sweet boy. Tonight Susan the dog lady entered my cage for the first time - up to now we have been greeting each other through my cage door. She furminated my coat, which I really enjoyed, she fed me a few treats - just a few, since I'm chubby - as she furminated me. There was so much fur that she had to get a bag to collect it all so the drains won't get clogged!

She did manage to take me out and we walked around the shelter a few times. She took me out back to see if I would chase a ball but I didn't act interested. After closing time, she ran Slick around the shelter so many times she worked up a sweat. She thinks she'll try to do something like that for me, in order to increase my exercise. Oh boy, I can't wait!

Sam (AKA Fergus) - A1220421

I am a repeat offender here at the animal shelter! Somebody named me Sam, but the last time I was here Susan named me Fergus One shelter aid said that he had been working at the shelter for 3 years and I've been in here about 8 times. I know all the animal control officers and I even wag in greeting when they come to pick me up! They think I like living here. Needless to say, I must be quite the escape artist.

Anyway, I am probably an Australian Shepherd mix (I have the stubby tail). I am currently living in cage C226.

I will love you forever if you throw a tennis ball for me. Susan the dog lady finds that when she takes me out of the cage I bark at the other dogs, but when she throws the ball for me about 20 times, then walks me around and then throws the ball about another 30 times, I am pretty beat by the time she takes me back to my cage - I'm too out of breath to bark at the other dogs.

Tonight Susan furminated me and used electric clippers on my coat to try to reduce the thickness a bit. Summer is coming and she thought I'd be a little more comfortable without quite so much hair.

Thelma - A3635121

Hi, my name is Thelma. I am a 2 year old female German Shepherd, with shots and a microchip. I am spayed, so I am ready to be adopted today! Right now I live in C239.

I was one of the dogs that went to the Orange County Pet Expo. This photo shows me with volunteer Mercedes.

Susan took me out today and let me sniff around the laundry room!

I really really need to get out of my cage once in a while. I go crazy when Susan the dog lady tries to take me out - it's so difficult for me to be calm! But I am a really nice girl. Susan says I am soooo worth being patient for as I learn to calmly leave the cage. Won't you come down to the shelter and say hello?

Monday, April 23, 2007

Slick - A3648880

Hi, my name is Slick. Susan the dog lady is not sure if I am a pure Labrador Retriever (American line) or a mix. I've been here since April 2. Right now I live in C241.

Susan thinks I may have suffered from neglect. Every time she furminates me she notices flea dirt in my fur. There is what looks like a bite scar above one eye and along the side of my body.

Also, I am a bit shy and I am neck sensitive. I don't like normal training collars high up on my neck and I throw tantrums! However, Susan says I have not shown anything like a propensity to bite (fear aggression).

So today Susan used a Halti on me. I didn't throw so many tantrums, and we got to walk around the shelter grounds a bit.

Susan wants to give me a good bath, but she wants to wait until I am more confident walking around on the shelter on a leash.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Louise - A3651879

Hi, my name is Louise! I am a 5 year old German shepherd, very likely a mix. Right now I live in building 2.

My owners had me for three years, and then they turned me in because they didn't think I was making a good guard dog - I am too nice!

I love it when Susan the dog lady and other volunteers and staff take me out for a walk, because I get very restless. Here, I am getting a chance to sniff out dirty laundry!

Last week at the Pet Expo Susan gave me a furmination to die for! I sat with my back to Susan while she furminated me and Mary the shelter aid said to her, "You should see the look on this dog's face - like please don't stop!' " . This week I got a bath, and on Friday night Susan tried trimming my toenails, but I wasn't really in a mood to sit down for that.

The shelter people here say I am a very nice dog. Many kids have walked up to me and petted me. Please come on down to the Carson shelter and say hello and consider taking me or one of the other dogs here home!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Orange County Pet Expo

Pat and foster baby

Tanya and Benji

Happy-Oreo and Barney

Mary and Cory working

Mercedes and Thelma

Sharon and Happy-Oreo

The "Dog Whisperer" walked right by our booth! Here Cesar Milan is whispering an iguana.

Cory and Barney - Dancing with the stars!

Monday, April 09, 2007

A3647859 - Jake

Susan the dog lady named me Jake. The shelter says I am a Coonhound mix. I've been here since late January. The shelter thinks I am about six years old. Officer Nick Gibbs said that I'm a really nice dog and Susan agrees!

I am a bit skinny and my coat is a little dry, so Susan is trying to pump up the nutrition and give me a little extra food this week. Tonight she gave me some powdered vegetable greens plus a whole small avocado mixed in with a small can of Innova moist puppy food along with a cup of Innova dry food.

I am your classic hound. I bay, and when I walk I have my tail wagging with my nose to the ground. And yes, I pull on the leash. But I am very easy going. I am on the list for the Pet Expo, but you can adopt me before then! Won't you stop by and say hello?

A3650208 - Dinah

Hi, my name is Dinah! I am a 1 year old Siberian Husky mix. Right now I live in C136 with my roommate, a black Rottweiller named Camille.

Susan put me on the list tonight for the Orange County Fairgrounds Pet Expo on Saturday. She took me out in the back to furminate my coat and Chuck the shelter employee said it looked like a snowstorm! But my coat looked a lot better after we were done.

Susan is going to try to put in extra hours this week to give me and some of the other dogs baths before the Pet Expo. Last week she got jinxed. She spent the better part of an hour bathing and grooming a really cute dog named Goliath, only to find out later that evening he had been adopted! But maybe that's a good kind of jinx!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Maverick - A3196256

Tonight Susan the dog lady named me Maverick. I am three years old. My kennel card says I am a shepherd but Susan wonders if I could be mixed with boxer or pit bull. I live in building 2, toward the back, next to Peanut Butter and Caramel. I have been here since February 14.

When I first came here, Susan noticed that my body would get stiff and my eyes would get hard. I lunged at my kennel door when I first saw her. And somebody has put a sticker on my kennel card saying Caution, He Might Bite.

But over the weeks Susan has discovered that I have a reserved, aloof personality, and that I am uncomfortable when somebody approaches me directly or looks into my eyes. During this time Susan has been greeting me by turning sideways or even turning her back to me but slipping me treats. I especially like those salmon ones, but I'll happily eat anything she gives me.

Last week Susan noticed that I started wagging lightly when she approached our cages (I live next door to Peanut Butter and Caramel). Since my body was now more relaxed, and I would sniff and lick her knuckle, she decided it was time for us to really get acquainted.

So tonight Susan entered my cage. She slid down the barrier and entered on the back side, then pulled the barrier back up and just let me approach her. She kept giving me those chicken and vegetable treats by the fistful. Pretty soon I was lying down near her, and pretty soon she was rubbing my chest and the sides of my head. Then she put a training collar on me and she took me out for a walk! That photo is of me lying down on the floor of the laundry room. She furminated me a little.

I am not an exuberant dog by any means, but her visit made me happy. You can see in the photo that my ears are back, and my mouth is open. I am very relaxed.

Susan checked with Mary the shelter aid, and there is nothing in my record to indicate that I ever bit anybody. I am just not your waggy, jumpy, slobbery, exuberant type of dog. I am the silent type who doesn't move around a lot. I really could use a home with somebody who understands that. I hope you will come down to the shelter and see me.

Sarah - A3647372

My name is Sarah. I am not quite, but almost available for adoption since I was brought in on March 29. I am a five month old female Siberian Husky mix. I live in C204.

Susan the dog lady says I am a very sweet girl. I am not very used to walking around on a leash yet, since I am only 5 months old.

But I did hang out in the laundry room with Susan while she did some laundry! I got to sniff a few dirty towels and blankets.

By the way, the Los Angeles County shelters will be at the Orange County Pet Expo on April 13, 14, and 15. Carson dogs will be there on the 14th. So if you don't see us here at Carson, you may see many of us at the pet fair.

Blacky - A1066947

Hi, my name is Blacky! The L.A. county shelter website says I am four years old but some shelter workers think I am closer to 7. I am extremely energetic though. The website says I am a shepherd, but Susan and Corey suspect I am a Chow mix because of my black spotted tongue and hints of red in my fur. I have a big butt, like an Aussie shepherd. I am very friendly. Right now I live in C208.

Susan the dog lady and I finally met tonight for the first time. She's been sneaking me treats for weeks, but tonight she finally came into my kennel to take me out for a walk.

Much to Susan's surprise, even though I practically knocked her over with my enthusiasm in my kennel, I am not hard to walk. Susan tethered me to her waist while she did some laundry. Then she did a major furmination job on me. My fur filled a trashcan.

I do like my walks. Won't you come down here and say hello to me?