Friday, March 30, 2007

A3645386 - Cassie

Hi, my name is Cassie and I am a six month old female shepherd mix. Susan the dog lady thinks I am mixed with husky. I have one brown eye and one blue eye, which is really cool! I live in C219. I've been here since March 23, so I'm a recent arrival.

On Monday night, Susan noticed that my elbows and ears looked a bit raw, so she gave me a medicated shampoo bath. She has asked the vet tech to look at my ears.

She has been working with me teaching me how to SIT on command. I don't have it down cold yet, but I'm getting the hang of it. And I'm getting better at walking on leash too. In the meantime, I'm enjoying all the yummy chicken, liver, vegetable, and salmon treats that somehow materialize when Susan takes me out!

A3645768 - Caramel

Hi, my name's Caramel! I'm Peanut Butter's roommate, and I've recently arrived at the Carson shelter. Peanut Butter's been here since the end of January, but I am very new here. I am a 6 month old male shepherd mix.

Once people get up close with me sometimes I get a little shy. Today was the first time Susan the dog lady had ever taken me out, and I thought the play area was so awesome! I didn't feel like chasing much, and wanted to chill out underneath one of the picnic table benches.

Susan threw a few balls for me, then tried to get me interested in a squeaky toy. But I was feeling a little shy today, so we didn't play long.

Susan then took me to the laundry/grooming room and furminated me. The fur came mostly off my butt. Everybody was surprised to see how much fur came off.

Susan says I have one of the longest tongues she has ever seen on a dog. And my ears are cute the way they stand up and collapse at the tips.

The animal shelter is open Monday-Thursday from 12 PM - 7 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM - 5 PM. By the way, a bunch of us will be going to the Orange County Pet Expo in April. The Carson shelter dogs will be there that Saturday. If I'm not adopted by then, I sure hope I get to go to the expo!

A3626055 - Peanut Butter (2)

Hi, it's Peanut Butter again. Susan the dog lady wants me to THANK YOU for rescuing Big Blue, Samson and Shamus, and adopting Amy, Roxy, Sky, Lucky, Tracy, Kevin, Fergus, and so many other dogs!

I've been here since the end of January and I'd sure like to go home. Susan says I am as sweet as sugar. I am only about nine months old so I'm still a puppy!

When Susan walks me, she holds the collar and leash so my head is held high, and I almost prance like I'm in a dog show. I also love playing ball. I like it when Susan throws or kicks the big blue gripper ball, but I'll chase a tennis ball too.

I am a medium-to-high energy dog, and I'd love to have somebody to play with. Won't you come on down here to the shelter and say howdy? I'm in C218 or thereabouts. By the way, be sure to read about my roommate!

Monday, March 26, 2007

A3613522 - Roxy needs a home too!

Hi, it's Roxy again! Susan the dog lady is worried because I've been here since December 19. I am kind of skinny, but some people thought I had spine and hip problems. However, as far as the shelter can tell, I don't have anything like that. In fact, in this picture, I've been playing a mean game of ball!

Tonight Susan fed me some extra moist food again, along with half an avocado to keep my coat glossy. I also got a furmination job, mostly on my butt! My hair practically filled a small trash can in the laundry room. Oh, I needed that!

By the way, if you ever have any doubts about any dog you adopt from this shelter, in terms of medical conditions, the shelter does give you time for you to get your adopted dog checked out by your own vet, so you can exchange the dog if any unknown conditions come to light. Just ask the people at the front desk when you adopt a dog.

A3614843 - Big Blue needs a home!

Hi, it's Big Blue again! Corey told Susan the dog lady tonight that she has until Monday to find me a home.

That's pretty grim news. Unfortunately, the Carson shelter does euthanize animals. You see, the mission of the L.A. County shelter system is to take in any animal that is in distress. The L.A. County shelters do not pick and choose which animals to rescue. But unfortunately, when conditions get overcrowded and overwhelming, shelter staff members are forced to make heart-wrenching decisions about us. They have to make their best educated guesses as to which dogs are most adoptable, given that there are lots of nice dogs down here. And I've been here since before Christmas, so my time is running out.

Corey and Officer Gibbs have tested me with numerous dogs. I get along with puppies, and I like the ladies. It would probably be best to introduce me slowly to another male, if you already have a big male dog in your home.

So come on down and visit me, Big Blue! Better yet, can you find me a home? I'm right near the entrance of building 2, as you walk in, on the left side.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A3444752 - Sasha and A3636869 Amber

Hi! I'm Sasha! I'm the extrovert. Amber, my roommate, is a little shy but she's really nice. Me, I am a 1 year old male Siberian Husky, neutered. Amber is about my age, a female shepherd mix.

Tonight we finally met Susan the dog lady for the first time. Since the shelter was closed, she didn't have time to take us out but she did come into our cage to meet us. By the way, we are in building 2, but Susan forgot to get the exact cage number. We are very close to the entrance of the building, right across from Big Blue.

As you see I get very attentive when Susan rattles the treat bag! She has yummy salmon, chicken, and Innova cookie treats!

Susan dreams of owning a Husky like me. She wishes that her situation was such that she could have a pet, but if she and her significant other decided to have pets, their rent would likely triple. I am definitely the kind of dog she would like!

Did you know the L.A. County animal shelters are open from 12 to 7 PM Monday through Thursday? That way you can come down after work and visit us! And the shelters are open from 10 AM to 5 PM Friday and Saturday. So what's to stop you from dropping by, we'd love to have you!

A3614843 - Big Blue

Corey the shelter employee named me Big Blue and asked Susan the dog lady to work with me walking on a leash. I am a big boy, a 2 year old male pit bull. Corey says I am her baby, so Susan also calls me "Baby Blue", and sings me the Badfinger song! People here say I am a gentle giant. Susan thinks I have a beautifully shaped head.

Since I am a big boy and so strong, I am a challenge to walk. Susan takes me out using the training collar. Tonight for extra help she also put a Gentle Leader harness on me.

These are photos of me in the laundry room. Susan had me tethered to her waist while she did some laundry. I got to sniff out all the dirty towels!

Like a lot of dogs around here I love Susan's salmon, chicken, and Innova grain-free cookie treats too!

I need a home with somebody who has a firm hand. I am a good dog and I can get along with other dogs great! The kennel workers say I am a great dog. Won't you come down to the Carson shelter and say hello to me, Big Blue?

Monday, March 12, 2007

A3637975 - Fergus

Susan the dog lady named me Fergus. The kennel card says I am a 2 year old male border collie mix but Susan wonders if I am more Australian shepherd, due to my stubby tail. This afternoon Susan moved me to C219 out of building 3.

It was really warm this afternoon but that didn't stop me from playing ball with Susan. In this first photo you can see me in mid-slurp, and you can see I am washing one of the tennis balls.

And here I am relaxing in the shade. That's when Susan figured I ought to quit playing. I was getting hot!

Susan did a major furmination job on me and filled half a trashcan with my fur! It was such a warm day she decided to give me a bath too, figuring I could finish my drying off by just walking around a bit. The furmination and the bath did help cool me down a little.

After the bath Susan rubbed me down briskly with some towels. I really enjoyed that, so she put down some more towels for me to lie on, knowing that I'd like to rub against them. That's exactly what I did.

And here I am relaxing while Susan cleans up the laundry/grooming room!

I like a good ball game, and I don't struggle much when I get a bath. I really need a good home. Won't you come down and say hello to me and Amy and Roxy and Sky and Buddy and Peanut Butter and the dozens of other dogs here, and take one of us home?

A3616790 - Sky

My name is Sky! I am a one year old brown and white neutered male rough collie mix. Everybody here at the shelter thinks I look really cool with my one brown eye and my one blue eye!

I am in building 2, at the center intesection (Susan the dog lady forgot to get the exact cage number). I like Susan's tasty Innova grain free treats and salmon treats, though I have to learn to take them out of her hand gently. I am a good ball player. Won't you come down and say hello to me?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Kevin - A3637856

Hi, I am not officially adoptable yet. I just came in to the Carson shelter today. Susan the dog lady named me Kevin. I am 6 month old tri-color shepherd mix. Tonight Susan moved me to around C322 or thereabouts.

Susan says I am a sweetheart. I have practically no experience walking on a leash so in my first photo you can see my paw is a little tangled up in the leash.

I certainly didn't mind her Innova grain-free cookies or chicken, liver and salmon treats while we were trying out the leash! If my owner does not find me, I sure hope Susan comes back so we can try the leash-walking again!

Buddy - A3633670

Hi, I am called Buddy! Volunteer Evelyn introduced Susan the dog lady to me this afternoon. I am in building 2, right at the center intersection. I am an 8 year old black lab mix puppy! I practically have the energy of a puppy. I love to play with squeaky balls.

I will even do a SIT for you while you hold a squeaky ball over my head. Susan says, "Have you ever seen a tongue like that?!?" Even though I am not a true puppy, can you find it in your heart to adopt an older dog?