Monday, May 14, 2007

Goldie - A3664736

Hi! Susan the dog lady calls me Goldie. I am a 3 year old female pit bull. I live in C133.

Tonight Susan tried to furminate me on my butt and noticed lots of flea dirt and then she saw live fleas! She said, "Girl, you need a bath - we need to knock off those fleas!" So she lifted me up into the tub and gave me a warm soapy bath. I didn't look dirty but man was I dirty! I had a bloody tail and butt too, though Susan isn't sure if it's from flea bites or from something else.

Susan says I am one of the calmest dogs she had ever bathed. I didn't even try getting out of the bathtub! I am a little shy and sometimes I am a little timid when I walk around the shelter with her. But I feel so much better now that those fleas are gone!