Monday, July 30, 2007

Sampson - A3705220, and Delilah - A3705223

Hi! We're Sampson and Delilah! We are two year old Basset hound siblings. Sampson is the male, of course, and Delilah is the female. Chuck told Susan the dog lady about us so she made sure to swing by and say hello. We were owner surrendered on July 30 and we live in C317.

We got real excited when Susan came into our cage to greet us. She wasn't able to stay very long because so many people were asking her for help. If you see one of us wearing a pink tag, that's Delilah, and the one wearing a blue tag is Sampson.

We were so excited that we didn't mind our doggy manners very well when Susan started giving us a few treats. But she got a few good pictures of us!

It would be GREAT if somebody would take both of us because we are close siblings. But even if you can't, please come down to the Carson shelter and say hello and consider adopting a dog here.