Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Murphy - A3698136

Hi! My name is Murphy. I am a 7 year old male terrier mix. I have a pure white coat, and my eyes are very pale blue. I came in as a stray on July 15. Right now I live in C244.

Susan the dog lady thought my coat looked a bit dingy, so today she took me into the back to give me a bath. I was OK with it most of the time, but I yelped when she tried shampooing my butt. Then when she was drying me off, I was sitting in her lap sort of splayed over on one side of my rump. I started growling. I didn't even try to bite her though. Susan thinks I was really good not to try biting her. She thinks I am in some kind of pain, and she is having Boris the vet look at me.

There was a small tick attached to one of my eyelids, and Susan and Angie managed to get rid of most of it, but couldn't get it all off. Susan gave me a good flea and tick shampoo, and she also asked Boris the vet to look at my eye.

I am a friendly dog, and I really like to get out and around. So why don't you come on down and say hi!