Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Barney - A3615668

Hi! My name is Barney. I am a 10 month old male Aussie mix. I've been here at the Carson shelter since December 27, and right now I live in C241.

Susan the dog lady thinks I am the coolest looking dog with my partial merle coat and blue eyes. It's kind of hard to see my eyes in these photos though (the red eye effect).

I was having trouble walking with the training collar and leash tonight. So tonight Susan tried a little exercise with me. She put a Martingale collar on me and tied the leash around her waist. Then we sort of walked around in the back a little. If I pulled on the leash, Susan stopped, then started walking the other way. We did that for a few minutes, but she thinks maybe it helped calm me down a little. Then she took off the leash, put back on the training collar, and off we went to do a walk around the grounds.