Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nikki - A3614435

Hi! My name is Nikki. I am a 4 month old female pit bull mix pup. I was brought in with my brother. I am owner surrendered and I've been here since before Christmas. Oh dear, Susan forgot to get my cage number. It's C246 or very close to it.

Tonight Susan the dog lady greeted me for the first time. I am a little shy, but it's a cautious type of shy, not a fearful shy, so I went and hid in the other side of the kennel. I like to play, so I gave some play bows to Susan, and she gave me some play bows back!

Susan took the first photo of me while I was still hiding in the other side of the kennel. She sat down on the floor of the front side and kept coaxing me to her side with her liver and chicken and vegetable treats. Oooh, they were yummy! I kept eating them up!

Susan kept coaxing me with treats. Pretty soon I was comfortable on her side of the kennel, and I even let Susan pet me a little. This second photo is of me sitting in Susan's side of the kennel.

Susan thinks I have the "perfect" pet personality - a slightly cautious shyness, but a love of play. Won't you come down to the shelter and say hello to me?