Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Roxie - A3613522

Susan the dog lady wanted to call me Gretchen, but somebody else at the shelter named me Roxie. She found me tonight in building 1, with a note that I should be moved to building 2 ASAP because I've been here at the Carson shelter since December 19! So she moved a small dog to "room" with another small dog and made a space for me. Right now I'm in C230. I am about a year old and I am a German Shepherd.

I was a stray when I was found. Susan thinks I am a sweetheart. I didn't have too much trouble walking on the leash. In the first photo above, I'm licking my lips after Susan gave me a liver treat! And in this second photo, I'm just sitting here waiting for her to take me back out of the laundry room.

Susan thinks that right now we have a pretty good "crop" of adoptable dogs at the shelter. Won't you come on down and visit us?