Monday, February 12, 2007

Maggie Mae - A3621337

Yes, my name is Maggie Mae, just like the Rod Stewart song! Of course I am female, though Susan the dog lady doesn't remember exactly how old I am. I am some sort of herding collie or shepherd mix. Right now I am in C243.

Being in this shelter scares me. Tonight I thought I hit the jackpot when volunteer Evelyn asked Susan to walk me. It was a little difficult getting out of the cage because I was so anxious, but Susan took me in the back, put me on a waist leash, and clicked and treated me for letting the leash be loose and coming to her. I kept getting chicken, vegetable and salmon treats!

That waist leash walking exercise is actually quite relaxing. After we do that for a while, Susan then puts the leash back on normally, and we walk around the shelter. Because I was relaxed from the waist leash exercise, it helped in the walk around the grounds.

I really hate it here and would love to have a home! Won't you come down here to the Carson shelter and consider adopting one of us?