Monday, February 26, 2007

Tracy - A3519728

My name is Tracy. My kennel card says female "shepherd mix" but Susan the dog lady thinks I am part hound, maybe part Rhodesian Ridgeback. Right now I live in cage C219.

I am very submissive. I will roll on my back for you and I love it when you give me a good belly rub!

I was sooo excited when Susan came to get me out of my cage tonight! I couldn't stop wiggling around and sniffing everything in sight! Susan had one heck of a time trying to take a decent photo of me. In that first photo, Susan just gave me a treat.

I got to thoroughly sniff out the laundry room while Susan was trying to take a picture of me. At one point she gave up and said, "Let's just go for a walk!" But she got some better pictures of me back at my cage.

People here say I am a nice girl. Won't you come on down to the Carson shelter and say hello to me?