Friday, February 23, 2007

Roxy gets a bath - A3613522

Hi! It's Roxy again. Susan the dog lady misspelled my name the first time, but she's got it right now. I've been here since December 19, and right now I'm in C244. I came in as a stray, and then I think the shelter managed to contact my owner, and I was being held for my owner, but I guess my owner changed his mind. So I am definitely available for adoption, and I'd love to go home with somebody! I was not 1 year old as first marked on my kennel card - I am about 5 years old.

The last time Susan was here she furminated me but noticed how dirty my coat felt, so she decided she was going to make a special trip down here to give me a bath! Before she started the bath, she thought she better walk me around a bit to get me a little relaxed. In this first picture, I was waiting while she was actually preparing some food to give me during the bath. A tiny avocado to help make my coat glossier, some Natural Balance lamb and rice formula, and a little kibble. Yum!

Susan took the dish and then took me into the laundry/grooming room and started off by furminating me again. It's amazing how much hair came out!

Then she lifted me into the tub and got me soaked down. I must have been really dirty because it was very hard getting the shampoo worked up into a lather.

Between the first and second shampooings Susan fed me the dish of food. I gobbled it up.

Volunteer Niki came by and she started toweling off my head while Susan got the cream rinse.

Now Niki is drying me off after the final creme rinse, while Susan is putting down a towel for me to lie on.

Susan tethered me to a grooming table and let me lie on some blankets while Niki started grooming Shamus. Here I am watching Shamus get a bath!

Susan used a blow dryer on me a little to make sure I was dried off. Then she used some ear wipes to try cleaning out my ears. I was quiet lying down on the laundry room floor and Susan kept praising me and giving me her salmon, liver, chicken and vegetable treats! Yum!

Susan says I am an unbelievably nice dog, with a great temperament! I greeted Shamus the border collie and I can be nice to other dogs. And kids! So please, won't you come down here and visit me, and maybe take me home?