Friday, February 23, 2007

Samson - A3628693

Hi! My name is Samson. Chuck the shelter aid told Susan the dog lady that I was owner surrendered, and turned in with two other dogs. I am a 3 year old male shepherd mix, and right now I am in C247.

Somebody wrote on my kennel card that I am not leash trained. So Susan the dog lady, seeing that, thought I was the perfect dog to get to know, and I think she's right!

You see, I am a little scared to be here, and this place overwhelms me a little. When Susan tried taking me out on the leash, I sort of freaked out. I would cower and get down a lot.

Susan immediately took me out back and tied the leash around her waist, so she could click and treat me for staying close to her. We worked on that for a while, and I got to eat some yummy treats! We did manage to walk around a little. I can't wait until Susan comes back Monday so we can work on this again!