Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Angel - A3684145

Hi, my name is Angel! I am a 3 year old female shepherd mix. I just came in to Carson today. I live in C239. I was owner surrendered. The lady who owned me really wanted me and cried when her father insisted that she get rid of me.

I was really dirty and covered with fleas. Susan the dog lady furminated me, then she used some quiet clippers to clip off some of my hair, since it was so flea-infested. She gave me a bath at the request of George, the animal control officer who brought me in. I yelped in fear when Susan tried picking me up to put in the tub, so she got a whelping box to use as a step, got me up on it, and then she climbed into the tub and coaxed me up into the tub.

Susan didn't think I was that dirty - until she started wetting me down and then watched the fleas start falling off. She was sorry that she didn't remember that there is a good flea dip available in the grooming room. She used a Biogroom flea shampoo, which worked quite well but probably took longer. I got one basic shampoo to make a dent in the dirt, then one flea shampoo. The fleas kept coming off in clumps! Then I got a cream rinse. Even during the third rinsing, there was visible dirt in the water going down the drain.

These pictures are of me - AFTER the bath. Whew! I'm glad that bath is over! I didn't like it very much. Susan sang me "Angel of the Morning" and "Blueberry Hill" to calm me down. But I kept struggling to get out.

I'm a little anxious being in such a strange place. George and Susan think I am a nice dog. Won't you come down to the shelter and say hello?