Monday, June 25, 2007

Scotty (AKA Sam, AKA Fergus) repeat offender - A3667995

Hi! This is the third time I've been here at the shelter since March. I was here in April too.

I can't help it but I keep getting out! I know all the animal control officers here and wag when they show up to pick me up. I know Susan the dog lady pretty well too, and I am so happy she will throw a ball for me!

Susan uses a special type of training collar on me so that my long fur won't get tangled. It's a choke chain type working collar, but it has very large long links so the collar won't trap my fur and pull my hair out.

I've been here since May 16, and Susan is mighty worried about me. I need a home on a nice big ranch where I can run around. I'm not a bad dog but I have a lot of energy to burn. Won't you come down to the shelter and say hello and maybe throw a ball for me?