Monday, June 25, 2007

Duke - A3671338

Hello, my name is Duke, and I am a five year old German Shepherd. I've been here at the pound since May 23. I live in building 3 in one of the corner cages at the intersection.

I am a big dog with lots of energy to burn. I have so much energy that all the staff knows me because I puncture my metal food and water bowls with my teeth and then I toss them around like hockey pucks! In this first photo, I am modeling a weighted backpack that Susan the dog lady has put on me. She's hoping I'll run with her while wearing it.

In the second and third photos I am in the grooming/laundry room. Man I just don't have much patience when Susan furminates me - I just want to be outside moving!

Susan did indeed run me around several times and I was panting! I slurped through 3 plastic bowls of water in the laundry room. I tried to take the bowl in my teeth but Susan took it away from me. But she was happy I at least got some water.

I need a home where I'll get lots of exercise and something to do. Even wearing a weighted backpack is something to do! Please come down to the shelter and say hello!