Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lucy - A3678958

Hi! my name is Lucy, and I am a one year old Pit Bull. I've been here since June 9. I live in one of the cages at the intersection of building 2.

Today Susan the dog lady FINALLY got a chance to take me out! She walked me around a little and I got to enjoy her yummy chicken, salmon, liver, and beef treats. We played a little in the back play area.

Susan tried furminating me and discovered a few fleas, so she whisked me into the bathtub and gave me a real quick bath. I wasn't very dirty and I didn't have many fleas, and since I am rather small and don't have a lot of hair (Pit Bulls aren't hair dogs!), the bath didn't take long at all.

I am a real friendly girl. Come on down to the shelter and say hello!