Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Chance - A3143241

Hi! My name is Chance. I am a four year old male Boxer Shepherd mix. Right now I live in Cage 217.

I am a big exuberant boy. I jump for joy when Susan the Dog Lady or another volunteer is here to keep us company. But Susan does not want me to jump all over her. I just can't help jumping!

When Susan is ready to walk me, she pulls down the kennel separator to keep me on one side. Then she gets into the cage on the other side. She slowly raises the separator and when I start to poke my head through she instantly slips my head into a training collar with a leash. That way she can control me right away, and I don't get a chance to jump. Then she immediately has me sit and stay while she slowly opens the cage door to the outside. It works for us!

I wish I had a real home. Of course all the other dogs here wish the same thing. I need somebody who will make sure I get lots of walking and lots of play time. I need somebody who will firmly but lovingly make me sit and stay so that I don't jump. Will you take me home?