Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ruby - A1413771

Hi, my name is Ruby! I am a four year old female red haired Boxer. I am living in Cage 241 for the time being.

I am another exuberant dog who likes to jump and just lick you all over. I am also extremely strong, so I can be a challenge to walk. When Susan the Dog Lady mentioned to volunteer Cathy how I don't seem to feel the training collar, Cathy called me "Numb Neck." But Susan has been working with me, thank goodness!

Initially, we tried an Easy Walk harness, but Susan decided it is better to control my head and just be very strict (but loving) with me. One of the best things Susan learned from Kay the Trainer is - dogs pull because they can.

As you can see from this photo I like to crowd the cage or play area door. Susan has to be very firm with me and make me sit and stay. If I try to crowd the kennel door, she will body block me. Her insistence on my following a few rules is paying off. Susan no longer feels that I will lunge out of control.

Today Susan took me in the back to play, and I got a chance to play with the green dinosaur toy that all the dogs seem to like!

Is there anybody out there who would like a big exuberant red haired Boxer? I promise I will do my best to follow your rules if you give me the rules! If you give me lots of long walks and exercise, it makes it easier for me to follow the rules!