Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Puppies

Hi! On October 23, nine of us were turned in to the pound. Mary asked Susan the Dog Lady to clean us up, because we were covered with filth and muck.

So the Dog Lady pushed our big roll cart in to the back laundry and grooming room. Then she found a crate she could put us in as she cleaned us up one by one. Boy did we howl when we got our baths! Another volunteer named Cathy came to help Susan. Cathy dried us off and helped pick off fleas. They wrapped us up in fresh dry towels and let us sleep in the crate under a gentle blow dryer.

Tammy the animal control officer said to put us back in the clinic so we could be examined by Dr. John. So in a double cage, Susan made us a nice snuggly area with blankets. Paul, another volunteer, got us a few bowls of food. We ate and ate, then we fell asleep in a big pile on top of the blankets.

There are only five of us in the photo because Susan took this photo a week after that first bath, after some of us got adopted out. The rest of us were adopted too.

And that's what some of the shelter workers are concerned about. You see, it's always so tempting to adopt a cute little puppy. The shelter workers are worried that they are going to see us again, ten months from now, with our adopters saying, "Well we didn't know the dog would get that big!

So when you adopt puppies like us, please remember that we are going to be adults someday. Don't let us do something when we are still puppies that you wouldn't want us to do when we are adults. That is how you train and discipline us. Will you love us when we are full-grown and think we are still cute?