Friday, November 24, 2006

Beryl - impound # pending

Hi, it's me! Beryl again. I know, you haven't heard from me in a while. But I'm still here!

After I had emergency surgery to repair my leaking neutering incision, I spent weeks confined in the observation area. Every time Susan the Dog Lady came to visit me, she brought along Mandy and she gave me treats. I never barked at Mandy during those times.

Finally, Susan and Chuck, a shelter employee, moved me back to building 2 with the available dogs, so everybody could see me. Susan didn't write down anything today, but she'll let you know my impound number and cage number.

If you've read my history, you know that I get scared around other dogs. Susan the Dog Lady had tried a number of ways to help me get over my fear. She tried walking me with a head collar, but we decided it wasn't very helpful. I already mentioned that while I was in observation after my surgery, Susan would come by with Mandy and slip me some chicken treats, so that I would experience something good in the presence of another dog.

Now, Susan thinks I am a little better. I can do sit and stay for her, and she has me sit and stay and look at her every time she thinks I am starting to freak out over the sound of dogs barking. She gets down in front of me to make sure I look at her. She has me sit immediately after exiting my cage, when all the other dogs are in a frenzy barking!

As you can see, I love the green dinosaur squeak toy. I love it so much that Susan stopped by Petco to pick up another one, so we'd have two to play with in the back play area. It has a great loud squeak and it is a challenge to try and bite down on. I love it when Susan throws one and I chase it and bring it back. Just when I lie down to try and bite it, Susan squeaks then throws the other one, and I chase the other one. I get tired after this game!

The great thing about this game is that it is so fun that Susan can distract me with it when another dog comes near!

The other day Susan and Rydecka, another shelter employee, tried walking me with another dog named Princess. I wasn't too happy about Princess being there but I did the walk. When we were done walking, Susan actually had me and Princess both in down-stays for about a minute. It didn't last, but it was an encouraging step.