Thursday, December 28, 2006

Barney - A3610413

Hi! My name is Barney, and right now I am living in cage C221. Susan the dog lady thinks I might be some kind of pointer/doberman mix.

When Susan first tried getting to know me on Wednesday and tried walking me, I didn't like the training collar at all! I kept bucking like a bronco and kept trying to chew the leash. Susan wasn't sure if it was really hurting me or I was just being a brat, so she put a martingale collar on me just in case. I didn't complain with the martingale, but Susan noticed I was pulling on it. She also noticed I barely felt any correction when I growled at the ducks in the back. So Susan thought about it and decided that next time she would try the training collar on me again.

On Friday the 29th, Susan walked me with the training collar again. I tried chewing the leash but I was just getting a mouthful of metal and she kept yanking it away. I tried jumping a few times too but she kept stepping away and wouldn't do anything. However, if I quietly sat, she'd step in and give me a rub and maybe a chicken treat! So, I think I'm learning that jumping and bucking get me nothing, walking and sitting get me chest rubs and pats and chicken treats! Susan actually walked me around the shelter a few times and said I was much better today!