Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Creampuff - A3608485

Susan the dog lady calls me Creampuff because my coat is such a beautiful creamy color. I am a 1 year old male pit bull, still a puppy! I live in cage C314.

When Susan entered the cage I completely lost control because I was so wild with joy! I kept jumping and trying to get her attention, but she stood there like a pillar in one corner, with her face to the corner, arms tucked in. She wouldn't look at me even though I was jumping all over the place!

Susan finally managed to get a chain on me and the leash attached, but I was still going crazy. In between my jumps I was trying to wash her hands with my tongue. So all Susan could do was stand on the leash to keep me from jumping so hard.

Because I couldn't settle down, Susan decided not to try walking me. But she plans on coming back into my cage regularly to see if I can be conditioned to settle down quicker! I hope she comes back!