Wednesday, December 20, 2006

King - A3611041

Susan calls me King. I am 2 year old male German Shepherd, brown and black. I was impounded on December 11, and I live in cage C337. On Monday the 18th, Susan was showing me to a nice man. She noticed I was scared, and that I cringed every time she moved her hands quickly near my head. When she put me back, I tried to bite her, but fortunately she moved her hand away in time. The man changed his mind about adopting me though.

Today Susan came back to see me. She came with plenty of delicious chicken and liver treats. Whenever I let her touch me and pet me on the head and neck she would click and then feed me the treats. We played that game for a while. The treats were delicious!

Then she dangled the training collar around my neck for a while, and as long as I didn't act scared, she'd click and feed me more treats. Finally, I just let her put it on me. By this time I was sticking my head in the crook of her arm, hoping she'd rub my ears.

Susan took great care to give me a great neck rub and let me see her hands whenever she put on, removed, or adjusted the training collar. She took me outside for a walk and it was great to get a chance to relieve myself! We had a good time. I hope she visits again soon, and brings more of those treats! I like that game!