Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Marty (part II) - A3589907

Hi there, Marty again! I am a 1 year old male dalmatian mix. I'm still a puppy! Right now I am living in cage C203.

Today Rydecka one of the shelter employees told Susan the dog lady that I am very hyper. So Susan took me out today and walked me around the shelter about six times to try and defuse me!

Susan did her standard trick of putting down the divider door, entering my cage on the other side, then raising the door and slipping my head through the chain. She stood on the leash to keep me from jumping, then had me sit and stay before we even got out of the cage.

Susan made sure to use the training collar on me and I wasn't hyper at all! She walked me several times around the shelter. Sometimes she'd stop and make me sit during the walk. She also took me into the back play area and let me chase a furry squeaky toy.

I am an exuberant dog and need a loving home. Will you come down to the shelter and adopt me?