Monday, December 11, 2006

Rex (part II) - A3583228

Hi, Rex again! My neighbors Beryl and Jojo appear to have been adopted (knock on wood)! Wish them luck, and let's hope we don't see them here again.

Susan the dog lady took these pictures of me tonight and she thought they were much better than my prior photo.

Susan is working on being firmer with me, because I do try to dominate her. Tonight we worked really hard on sit-stay. A few weeks ago she noticed that I have a tendency to growl if I think my toys are being threatened, and she body-blocked me from a toy so she could safely access it. Tonight I growled again and she did the same thing again. Then while she was sitting on the bench I laid myself against her legs and then tried to jump on her knee to be petted - but she knew that I was again trying to establish dominance with her, and she wouldn't allow it. Tonight she took me back into the laundry room and furminated me. She notices that I seem uncomfortable when she does that to me but she does get rid of a lot of loose fur.

It's really difficult at this time of year to be able to play in the back because it gets dark so early. Susan is hoping she can wrap up work early this year to take some extra time off for Christmas, and hopefully spend more time with me and the other dogs down here! Let's hope she can get her work done!