Monday, March 26, 2007

A3614843 - Big Blue needs a home!

Hi, it's Big Blue again! Corey told Susan the dog lady tonight that she has until Monday to find me a home.

That's pretty grim news. Unfortunately, the Carson shelter does euthanize animals. You see, the mission of the L.A. County shelter system is to take in any animal that is in distress. The L.A. County shelters do not pick and choose which animals to rescue. But unfortunately, when conditions get overcrowded and overwhelming, shelter staff members are forced to make heart-wrenching decisions about us. They have to make their best educated guesses as to which dogs are most adoptable, given that there are lots of nice dogs down here. And I've been here since before Christmas, so my time is running out.

Corey and Officer Gibbs have tested me with numerous dogs. I get along with puppies, and I like the ladies. It would probably be best to introduce me slowly to another male, if you already have a big male dog in your home.

So come on down and visit me, Big Blue! Better yet, can you find me a home? I'm right near the entrance of building 2, as you walk in, on the left side.