Friday, March 30, 2007

A3626055 - Peanut Butter (2)

Hi, it's Peanut Butter again. Susan the dog lady wants me to THANK YOU for rescuing Big Blue, Samson and Shamus, and adopting Amy, Roxy, Sky, Lucky, Tracy, Kevin, Fergus, and so many other dogs!

I've been here since the end of January and I'd sure like to go home. Susan says I am as sweet as sugar. I am only about nine months old so I'm still a puppy!

When Susan walks me, she holds the collar and leash so my head is held high, and I almost prance like I'm in a dog show. I also love playing ball. I like it when Susan throws or kicks the big blue gripper ball, but I'll chase a tennis ball too.

I am a medium-to-high energy dog, and I'd love to have somebody to play with. Won't you come on down here to the shelter and say howdy? I'm in C218 or thereabouts. By the way, be sure to read about my roommate!