Monday, March 26, 2007

A3613522 - Roxy needs a home too!

Hi, it's Roxy again! Susan the dog lady is worried because I've been here since December 19. I am kind of skinny, but some people thought I had spine and hip problems. However, as far as the shelter can tell, I don't have anything like that. In fact, in this picture, I've been playing a mean game of ball!

Tonight Susan fed me some extra moist food again, along with half an avocado to keep my coat glossy. I also got a furmination job, mostly on my butt! My hair practically filled a small trash can in the laundry room. Oh, I needed that!

By the way, if you ever have any doubts about any dog you adopt from this shelter, in terms of medical conditions, the shelter does give you time for you to get your adopted dog checked out by your own vet, so you can exchange the dog if any unknown conditions come to light. Just ask the people at the front desk when you adopt a dog.