Monday, March 12, 2007

A3637975 - Fergus

Susan the dog lady named me Fergus. The kennel card says I am a 2 year old male border collie mix but Susan wonders if I am more Australian shepherd, due to my stubby tail. This afternoon Susan moved me to C219 out of building 3.

It was really warm this afternoon but that didn't stop me from playing ball with Susan. In this first photo you can see me in mid-slurp, and you can see I am washing one of the tennis balls.

And here I am relaxing in the shade. That's when Susan figured I ought to quit playing. I was getting hot!

Susan did a major furmination job on me and filled half a trashcan with my fur! It was such a warm day she decided to give me a bath too, figuring I could finish my drying off by just walking around a bit. The furmination and the bath did help cool me down a little.

After the bath Susan rubbed me down briskly with some towels. I really enjoyed that, so she put down some more towels for me to lie on, knowing that I'd like to rub against them. That's exactly what I did.

And here I am relaxing while Susan cleans up the laundry/grooming room!

I like a good ball game, and I don't struggle much when I get a bath. I really need a good home. Won't you come down and say hello to me and Amy and Roxy and Sky and Buddy and Peanut Butter and the dozens of other dogs here, and take one of us home?