Friday, March 30, 2007

A3645768 - Caramel

Hi, my name's Caramel! I'm Peanut Butter's roommate, and I've recently arrived at the Carson shelter. Peanut Butter's been here since the end of January, but I am very new here. I am a 6 month old male shepherd mix.

Once people get up close with me sometimes I get a little shy. Today was the first time Susan the dog lady had ever taken me out, and I thought the play area was so awesome! I didn't feel like chasing much, and wanted to chill out underneath one of the picnic table benches.

Susan threw a few balls for me, then tried to get me interested in a squeaky toy. But I was feeling a little shy today, so we didn't play long.

Susan then took me to the laundry/grooming room and furminated me. The fur came mostly off my butt. Everybody was surprised to see how much fur came off.

Susan says I have one of the longest tongues she has ever seen on a dog. And my ears are cute the way they stand up and collapse at the tips.

The animal shelter is open Monday-Thursday from 12 PM - 7 PM, and Friday and Saturday from 10 AM - 5 PM. By the way, a bunch of us will be going to the Orange County Pet Expo in April. The Carson shelter dogs will be there that Saturday. If I'm not adopted by then, I sure hope I get to go to the expo!