Monday, March 19, 2007

A3614843 - Big Blue

Corey the shelter employee named me Big Blue and asked Susan the dog lady to work with me walking on a leash. I am a big boy, a 2 year old male pit bull. Corey says I am her baby, so Susan also calls me "Baby Blue", and sings me the Badfinger song! People here say I am a gentle giant. Susan thinks I have a beautifully shaped head.

Since I am a big boy and so strong, I am a challenge to walk. Susan takes me out using the training collar. Tonight for extra help she also put a Gentle Leader harness on me.

These are photos of me in the laundry room. Susan had me tethered to her waist while she did some laundry. I got to sniff out all the dirty towels!

Like a lot of dogs around here I love Susan's salmon, chicken, and Innova grain-free cookie treats too!

I need a home with somebody who has a firm hand. I am a good dog and I can get along with other dogs great! The kennel workers say I am a great dog. Won't you come down to the Carson shelter and say hello to me, Big Blue?