Monday, April 30, 2007

Sam (AKA Fergus) - A1220421

I am a repeat offender here at the animal shelter! Somebody named me Sam, but the last time I was here Susan named me Fergus One shelter aid said that he had been working at the shelter for 3 years and I've been in here about 8 times. I know all the animal control officers and I even wag in greeting when they come to pick me up! They think I like living here. Needless to say, I must be quite the escape artist.

Anyway, I am probably an Australian Shepherd mix (I have the stubby tail). I am currently living in cage C226.

I will love you forever if you throw a tennis ball for me. Susan the dog lady finds that when she takes me out of the cage I bark at the other dogs, but when she throws the ball for me about 20 times, then walks me around and then throws the ball about another 30 times, I am pretty beat by the time she takes me back to my cage - I'm too out of breath to bark at the other dogs.

Tonight Susan furminated me and used electric clippers on my coat to try to reduce the thickness a bit. Summer is coming and she thought I'd be a little more comfortable without quite so much hair.