Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shinne - A3739262

My name is Shinne, though Susan the dog lady likes to call me Maggie. I was found abandoned and brought in on October 12. I am 9 month old female black and white Boxer mix. Right now I live in C238 with a big girl named Ruby.

Susan noticed I wouldn't come up to her at the front of the kennel the way Ruby did. I stood on the other side. Susan thought that maybe I was a little intimidated by Ruby, so she put down the divider and got me out of the back of the kennel.

Susan took me in the back play area. Like Sunny and Gigi, I, too, LOVE the squeaky toys. But there was a problem. I jump aggressively for them, and even though I'm small, I can jump quite high. So Susan had to tell me OFF. And then she discovered that I am VERY GOOD with the SIT command. She started making me SIT before she would throw a toy.

After we played for a while, Susan walked me around the shelter and gave me a few treats. I am quite skinny. So Susan thought I was hungry, and then she thought my big roommate might be eating my food. She mixed me up a bowl of moist Innova puppy food, some Innova dry food, a little bit of dehydrated raw food, and garlic and yeast bits. Most dogs would die for that! But curiously, when she set the bowl down for me, I wouldn't eat it!

Susan couldn't figure it out. Finally, she sat down on the ground with me, mixed a few treats into the food, then presented me a little bit of the mix with her hand. That got me going! I was licking the food off her fingers, and before you know it I had finished the entire bowl.

Susan thinks I am a pretty nice dog. It is pretty easy to keep my toy jumping under control. Please come on down and consider adopting one of us!