Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Velma - A3730243

My name is Velma. I am some kind of Shepherd mix. I am a 1 year old female, and I've been here as a stray since September 22. Right now I live in C225.

I was willing to take treats through the fencing, but when Susan opened my kennel door, she discovered that I am very shy. I ran to the other side of the kennel and started barking. So Susan turned her back to me and left me yummy treats right behind her. I had to go up behind her to take them.

I enjoyed playing this game! At one point my butt was in the air while I was barking at Susan. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to go for the treats or not!

Susan is going to keep working with me so I am not quite so shy. But she thinks I am very promising. There are lots of great dogs down here, which you can adopt for just $38. Won't you come down and say hi?