Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gigi - A3743797

Hi! My name is Gigi. I came in as a stray on October 24, so technically I am not quite yet available, but should be this week. I am an 18 month old tri-color Siberian Husky mix. I live with a Beagle roommate in C247.

Like Sunny, I like the squeaky toys. I LOVE 'em! I start barking and growling at them and my rump goes in the air when I try chewing on them. At first I couldn't decide which one I wanted Susan to squeak and throw.

Finally, the squeaky ball prevailed. You can see me here relaxing after Susan and I romped in the back play area.

Like Loba, I was trying to pull Susan all over the shelter too, so she worked with me on walking. She noticed my strong prey drive when I fixated on the adoptable rabbits and the rooster in the back area. But she gave me lots of praise when I stayed by her side! Her treats were good, too!

If you have the time, I'd LOVE it if you came down and threw a squeaky toy for me! I'll love you forever!