Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kirby - A3742342

My name is Kirby. I am 1 year old male Chihuahua, black and tan. I came in as a stray on October 20. Right now I live in the very last cage in building 2 in the back, on the east side of the aisle. I have 2 roommates, also Chihuahuas or mixes.

When Susan the dog lady came today, my roommates were greeting her by the door of the kennel, but I hung out on the other side of the kennel and kept barking and barking. Susan was wondering "why is that little dog making so much noise?!" So she put down the divider and came over to my side and got me out for a walk!

Susan ran her fingers through my hair and thought she noticed some flea dirt. One swipe with a furminator confirmed it. So into the bath I went!

Susan said I was really really good in the bath. I got very quiet. I let her put mineral oil in my eyes to protect them in case soap ran in them. And it turned out I was a little dirty, and yes, she found some live fleas on me!

Susan gave me a final vinegar rinse after a basic shampoo and a flea shampoo. My favorite part was when she toweled me off. "Kirby" she said, "your fur is so shiny now!"

After the bath, Susan took me for a walk, and I got a chance to go to the bathroom. I think I look better in my "after" photo here!

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