Monday, April 09, 2007

A3647859 - Jake

Susan the dog lady named me Jake. The shelter says I am a Coonhound mix. I've been here since late January. The shelter thinks I am about six years old. Officer Nick Gibbs said that I'm a really nice dog and Susan agrees!

I am a bit skinny and my coat is a little dry, so Susan is trying to pump up the nutrition and give me a little extra food this week. Tonight she gave me some powdered vegetable greens plus a whole small avocado mixed in with a small can of Innova moist puppy food along with a cup of Innova dry food.

I am your classic hound. I bay, and when I walk I have my tail wagging with my nose to the ground. And yes, I pull on the leash. But I am very easy going. I am on the list for the Pet Expo, but you can adopt me before then! Won't you stop by and say hello?