Monday, April 02, 2007

Blacky - A1066947

Hi, my name is Blacky! The L.A. county shelter website says I am four years old but some shelter workers think I am closer to 7. I am extremely energetic though. The website says I am a shepherd, but Susan and Corey suspect I am a Chow mix because of my black spotted tongue and hints of red in my fur. I have a big butt, like an Aussie shepherd. I am very friendly. Right now I live in C208.

Susan the dog lady and I finally met tonight for the first time. She's been sneaking me treats for weeks, but tonight she finally came into my kennel to take me out for a walk.

Much to Susan's surprise, even though I practically knocked her over with my enthusiasm in my kennel, I am not hard to walk. Susan tethered me to her waist while she did some laundry. Then she did a major furmination job on me. My fur filled a trashcan.

I do like my walks. Won't you come down here and say hello to me?