Monday, April 02, 2007

Maverick - A3196256

Tonight Susan the dog lady named me Maverick. I am three years old. My kennel card says I am a shepherd but Susan wonders if I could be mixed with boxer or pit bull. I live in building 2, toward the back, next to Peanut Butter and Caramel. I have been here since February 14.

When I first came here, Susan noticed that my body would get stiff and my eyes would get hard. I lunged at my kennel door when I first saw her. And somebody has put a sticker on my kennel card saying Caution, He Might Bite.

But over the weeks Susan has discovered that I have a reserved, aloof personality, and that I am uncomfortable when somebody approaches me directly or looks into my eyes. During this time Susan has been greeting me by turning sideways or even turning her back to me but slipping me treats. I especially like those salmon ones, but I'll happily eat anything she gives me.

Last week Susan noticed that I started wagging lightly when she approached our cages (I live next door to Peanut Butter and Caramel). Since my body was now more relaxed, and I would sniff and lick her knuckle, she decided it was time for us to really get acquainted.

So tonight Susan entered my cage. She slid down the barrier and entered on the back side, then pulled the barrier back up and just let me approach her. She kept giving me those chicken and vegetable treats by the fistful. Pretty soon I was lying down near her, and pretty soon she was rubbing my chest and the sides of my head. Then she put a training collar on me and she took me out for a walk! That photo is of me lying down on the floor of the laundry room. She furminated me a little.

I am not an exuberant dog by any means, but her visit made me happy. You can see in the photo that my ears are back, and my mouth is open. I am very relaxed.

Susan checked with Mary the shelter aid, and there is nothing in my record to indicate that I ever bit anybody. I am just not your waggy, jumpy, slobbery, exuberant type of dog. I am the silent type who doesn't move around a lot. I really could use a home with somebody who understands that. I hope you will come down to the shelter and see me.