Monday, April 23, 2007

Slick - A3648880

Hi, my name is Slick. Susan the dog lady is not sure if I am a pure Labrador Retriever (American line) or a mix. I've been here since April 2. Right now I live in C241.

Susan thinks I may have suffered from neglect. Every time she furminates me she notices flea dirt in my fur. There is what looks like a bite scar above one eye and along the side of my body.

Also, I am a bit shy and I am neck sensitive. I don't like normal training collars high up on my neck and I throw tantrums! However, Susan says I have not shown anything like a propensity to bite (fear aggression).

So today Susan used a Halti on me. I didn't throw so many tantrums, and we got to walk around the shelter grounds a bit.

Susan wants to give me a good bath, but she wants to wait until I am more confident walking around on the shelter on a leash.