Saturday, April 21, 2007

Louise - A3651879

Hi, my name is Louise! I am a 5 year old German shepherd, very likely a mix. Right now I live in building 2.

My owners had me for three years, and then they turned me in because they didn't think I was making a good guard dog - I am too nice!

I love it when Susan the dog lady and other volunteers and staff take me out for a walk, because I get very restless. Here, I am getting a chance to sniff out dirty laundry!

Last week at the Pet Expo Susan gave me a furmination to die for! I sat with my back to Susan while she furminated me and Mary the shelter aid said to her, "You should see the look on this dog's face - like please don't stop!' " . This week I got a bath, and on Friday night Susan tried trimming my toenails, but I wasn't really in a mood to sit down for that.

The shelter people here say I am a very nice dog. Many kids have walked up to me and petted me. Please come on down to the Carson shelter and say hello and consider taking me or one of the other dogs here home!